Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 4, 2008

Sweet Story and a Freak Show

They (I don’t know who THEY are really) but THEY changed the back end “dashboard” of WordPress…and for some reason, things aren’t working properly, so I’m sorry if there are funky errors etc, going on in this (and who knows how many more of my posts).  I suppose the April Fool is on me?

Tonight was a very unplanned movie night for us.   We borrowed a movie from our friends that they said was a great family movie.  They were so right, we all had watery eyes…but it was worth it.   What a sweet story.   It was August Rush.   Wow is all I can say to describe it!   It needs to be an “owner”.

And the movie I was dying to see…just couldn’t manage to get to the theater to see it….and no, for some reason renting it was NOT going to be good enough.  So I decided to bat my eyelashes late this afternoon at my Hubby in hopes he’d offer to take me to purchase it.    He did.   Why?   It’s a Freak Show I’m telling you my friends.  Freak Show.    It was not the family movie, love story ending I was hoping for.  My darling husband reminded me that the title should have given it away to me.  It was an ok movie, strange, out there, creepy, odd, disturbing….but it was ok. – Ready?   Sweeny Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)  This one needed to be a “renter” but…now it is concernably a part of our family.  Freak Show.

Nothings gonna harm you…not while I’m around…

Commit me please.

**UPDATED:   It is “sorta” fixed now…so I got the links in.

PS.  I would have given you links to both movies, but that also is not working properly.  I’m not a happy camper, and I’m too tired (and unstable) to write the code myself.   Maybe tomorrow…




  1. OMG, my husband and I were just talking this afternoon about how we haven’t rented a movie for AGES. We’re always too TIRED!! I miss movies… how old do the kids have to be before I can stay AWAKE for a movie????? 😮


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