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American Idol – Top 8


I really did NOT want to blog about this tonight.   I really was listening with one ear for most of the show, partially because nothing really seemed to GRAB my attention at all tonight, which is odd.   And partially because I was busy trying to get my Debate To Do List, accomplished, because frankly I can’t wait for it to be over this year.  Anyway…back to the Top 8 debate…


Even though nothing “struck my fancy”, I’ll still give you my two cents (seems to be a theme for the night-inside joke), and I decided that sometimes we do things we don’t want to do, just because.   (I have my reasons for this, bare with me.)  So let me get straight to it.  


Michael Johns – “Dream On”  –  I liked it ok, still like him singing Bluesy ( I dont’ know how to spell that, or if it’s even a word, but that’s what you’re gettin’) stuff better.  I hope he gets back to being original, his original–that is, next week.


Syesha – “I Believe” – First of all, WHY in the world do you sing something that someone else from Idol sang/recorded/whatever?   Just don’t do that.   Second, I don’t think I like the song…and she is not in my favorites at all…not sure she really has been, and she’s definately not now.   (don’t hold back Steph, tell us how you really feel-another inside joke, sorry!)


Jason Castro  – “Over the Rainbow” – Hawaiian Version – Ok, if you’re going to sing a fun/cool/great song like that…use it to your advantage, it is just such an uplifting version (to me anyway), but I just don’t think he did enough with it.    Good song for him though, just not enough effort on his part to make it pop for me.  BORING. 


Kristie Leigh Cook – “Anyway” – I must not have an ear for something, or maybe I just think that no one should sing Martina, EXCEPT Martina…because I really thought she sucked, but the judges liked her.


David Cook – “Innocent” – Simon didn’t like it.  I’m not sure why, I thought it was great, I just didn’t like the jacket.  Enough said.


Carley Smithson – “The Show must go on” – It was good.   Ok.  Not a favorite of mine.  Simon said it seemed like an angry performance?  Hum….weird interpretation.   I just didn’t think it was a good song for her.   But she is one of my favorites!


David Archuletta – “Angels” – I don’t know that song, so though it was good…it was just ok.   (Discloser:  I read BooMama’s Top 8 before posting here and she metioned something I have to “Ditto”)   Being a mom, and looking at him as the sweet kid that he is, he’s looking/seeming tired and worn out.    But seriously, who probably isn’t…it just seems (to me) that it’s showing on him more, maybe being a youngster.  I still love the kid.


Brooke White – “You’ve got a Friend” – I want to first say, she really has a cool voice.   I think she will make it, in her element (however you describe it…maybe Carole King or Carly Simon type), but I didn’t like this song choice.   I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE James Taylor, and though Carole King wrote that song, I can only hear James singing it.   It was just alright.


Who should go:   Syesha (because I am not a fan) and/or Jason (because I think he missed the boat, no matter that the judges liked him).


Who will go:   Have to “Ditto” BooMama here too…she said that since it’s Idol Gives Back week, that no one will probably go, and TWO will go next week. 


Best of the night:  UGH.  No one.  Ok, quit pushing me!  I suppose, David Cook…



  1. So funny on how we really don’t agree on anything! I think that’s what I like about clicking around- different opinions and we’re all smiling while saying it.

    Thanks for coming by my site! See you next week!


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