Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 13, 2008

Seriously Sunny Sunday

Another beautiful day!  We were able to sleep in until about 9:30, Hubby made breakfast and we picked up around the house a little while jamming to some SPINNING music.   We all got ourselves put together and headed to Sam’s Club.  I wore shorts, and a tank top!  Wooo Hoooo!  

We really only went for toilet paper.  Man was that EXPENSIVE toilet paper!   As if we hadn’t already spent enough, while we were there we filled our tank with gas.  $3.17 for regular/$3.40 for premium – way better pricing than in town.  Sam’s is about 15 minutes away, in a neighboring town, but since we were going, we decided we should fill up…we were just about empty.   What’s gas going for in your parts?

We had a really late lunch, so dinner was MYOD (Make Your Own Dinner), if/when you were hungry tonight.   We do that around here a couple times a week, and tonight was a perfect night.  I had the rest of my Knuckle Sandwich (from a local deli), and Hubby had leftovers from last night.   Amber I don’t think has eaten anything yet, because she’s busy purging her closet.  We’ve almost got them all done!

Hubby and I just took the bikes out for another spin…it was great going West, riding off into the sunset, but coming back the little bit of breeze we had was a killer on the thighs!  Grunt.Grunt.Grunt. I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it home.   Ouch.Ouch.Ouch. with every single pedal.   Exercising sucks, have I mentioned that?  We weren’t gone long, just about 10 minutes, but if you ask the my thighs and the bones in my butt…they will tell you that it felt like 3 hours!

Life is good.  I really needed this sunshine.  It’s about 8:50pm and it is 68 degrees with a light breeze.  I think the high today here was 76.  I understand that this isn’t going to last too long though.  Sadly, April SHOWERS (sigh)…you know the rest.


  1. I filled up at Costco this week-for $3.65 -NOT KIDDING- about had a heart attack!


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