Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 20, 2008

American Idol – Top 7 and…

Ok, here’s my thoughts…I didn’t like the tone of the night, what was with the ballads?   YUCK!

David Archuleta
: When You Believe

Something is bothering me with him lately…I like him, but I’m just not sure.  I mentioned I thought he was tired…I’m not sure that is what it is now, maybe I’m just in my “voice” mode.   (Certain voices bug me, when they only sing one tone…maybe that’s it)


Carly Smithson: Without You

I personally like her, so I want her to stay!  I don’t know that this was a good choice for her, but then again, I’m not a Mariah Carey fan.


Syesha Mercado: Vanishing

I am not a fan of hers at all…I don’t feel like I would be a good judge of this one.  Cuz I would have sent her packing…a long time ago, there is just something about her.


Brooke White: Hero

I hated the song choice – it’s not for her…it just didn’t do it for me.   And the sad thing is I do like her voice! 


Kristi Leigh Cook: Forever

Turns everything into a country version…but not too bad…I just am not a fan….I think her days are numbered.


David Cook: Always be my baby

Absolutely my favorite so far! – Just can’t tell you!!!!!!  


Jason Castro: Don’t wanna cry (??)

I’m struggling with where he fits in…he does sound pretty good, I just am not sure what his “genre” is…hummm


Who should go home?  Syesha

Who will go home?  Brooke

Favorite of the night?  DAVID COOK BY MILES!


…..ok, and they sent Kristi Leigh home…I’m good with that!  I knew her days were numbered.  Syesha HAS to be next!



  1. Yep, I’m still living under a rock. NO IDEA who any of these people are. 🙂


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