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American Idol – Top 7 (Guest Blog)

BabyAm kept some notes last week about American Idol.   I thought since we’re watching it (FINALLY) tonight I’d post her notes first (and make her my Guest Blog, since she didn’t blog about it), and then I’ll post mine right after we finish watching it.   I still have NO idea who goes home…but hopefully I’ll know tonight.


Here is her commentary (I haven’t read it either, if you can believe that!):  Mariah Carey Night


David Archuleta: When You Believe

Good but forgetable … Got better towards the end – HIT the high(good) and low(yelch) notes so he tried … Wasn’t his best performance In my opinion All 3 judges thought it was good ….(what’s w/ his fan club?)


Carly Smithson: Without You

Hmmm a bit pitchy in the beginning & I don’t like the so low range … Doesn’t fit her well Gets better in the middle & towards the end Randy -trust yahself Paula -like the vocal restraint Simon -Not his boat


Syesha Mercado: VanishingPretty good, I can see the emotional connection, good pitch & hitting the high to low notes great, I Liked it All judges liked it as well


* SIMON just said that he thinks David Archuleta has already stolen the show


Brooke White: Hero

Gets better after the first couple seconds Good range! She stayed herself, almost a bit choppy (nerves?) Randy -good Paula- good Simon- didn’t think her voice was strong enough to carry I liked it I love the authentic originality


Kristi Leigh Cook: Forever

Its ok, the low notes are ok with her, she could have done better (Simon didn’t look like he was enjoying himself very much) Got better at the end, had more confidence in herself

Randy- twas good Paula- good choice & loved it Simon- wasn’t good enough for him


(Romielle is sitting in the audience)


David Cook: Always be my baby

OOOHHHHH Yah like my future husband – Wow … All I can say is … WoW I love this version & what he did with the song – OMG Randy- Ready to be a recorded artist, amazing Paula- Amazing Loved it Simon- loved it (original daring risky amazing) David gets sooo happy he ends up in TEARS


Jason Castro: Don’t wanna cry (??)

Hm wow love his voice strange but works for him … What he did with it was good – I liked it just fine … Forgettable though Randy- felt weird Paula- loved it Simon-liked it, thought it fit him very well


Who should go?  Kristi or Syesha, but David Archuletta might be in the bottom 3


She typed it all on her Blackberry, cuz she had the Boys laying on her the whole time.   Very creative. 


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