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American Idol – Top 6

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber Night


Syesha Mercado:  One Rock and Roll Too Many

Great Performance, and like I said, I’m not a fan, so that is a serious compliment coming from me.   I loved the extra personality.  And I really liked her hair, classy and sassy!   I finally enjoyed listening to her!   Yeah!  (Simon thinking it was sexy, cracks me up!)


Jason Castro: Memory

(dang, get that boy some PR help)  Uh oh…don’t like him with the low notes tonight.  For not knowing the song (age), I kind of feel that he felt it, but I don’t think he really “performed” it very well.   I don’t think it was his element at all.  I think he could have chosen something different that fit him better. I can only see Barbara singing that song, and believing it.  —Bottom 3—


Brooke White:  You Must Love Me

Rough start…great composure with her re-start.  I do think this was a good choice for her.  I believed it.   I think she’s safe, regardless of the judges.  Hubby said she’s genuine.   What a perfect word for her.

—Bottom 3—


David Archuleta: Think of Me

I like him much better tonight.   He has a beautiful voice, so it was nice.   Hubby mentioned that he needs to move around on the stage.   He could have gone down and sung that to someone…I don’t know that he was the best so far, but he was good. 


Carly Smithson: Jesus Christ Superstar

I just love Carly so I’m biased.  I really enjoyed watching her.   I think she is safe.   With all these great songs, I think she made a great choice for her personality and voice.   And I love that she had fun!   Her hubby cracks me up!  J  (LOVED THE SHIRT)….but seriously…I think she either needs a more supportive bra…or she needs a bra, haven’t figured that part out.  I have never liked “bounce”.  Sorry TMI.  (Hubby thinks she’s the other in the —Bottom 3—but not based on performance, based on popularity)


David Cook: Music of the Night

Well I think if I was single, I’d be in love.  Need I say more?  Of course, he’s my favorite, and he’s safe.  I believe that he’s our 2008 American Idol.  I just do.   I wonder if I could set him up with BabyAm…guess it’s time to do some research.


Who should go home?  Jason Castro

Who will go home?  Probably Brooke (even though I said I think she’s safe…cuz I’m always wrong!)

Favorite of the night?   You need to ask????


  1. Seems to be generally consensus on top and bottom picks.
    I think you should volunteer to do pr for jason.

  2. I AM single and I AM in love.
    David Cook melts my heart every single week. 🙂

  3. Karlie and her undergarment comment made me giggle. David Cook could very well win this whole thing….and I won’t mind one bit.


  4. Carly is a bit bouncy, isn’t she???
    I love Jason, but I do think he and Brooke are in danger of going home.

  5. David C. does seem to have this competition in the bag, doesn’t he? I hope it is Brooke that goes home.

  6. Yes. Carley needs to contain the twins. Holy heck, they’re going to run for the hills if she doesn’t tie them down soon. (But I love her anyway. Boobs bobbin’ and all!)

    David Cook is the best by a long shot. I worry every week that America will think he has it in the bag and just not vote. Reminiscent of Daughtry.

  7. Scott – Me? PR? You have got to be kidding me, I’m better at the interview process (so I get what I’d like) You in the running? You’re personality is PERFECT! He could learn alot from you!

    Becky – BabyAm is a bit too young for David C., so I’ll relinquish my thought about the two of them, I think she might like David A. better…more her age. LOL

    PajamaMama – I’m so glad you got a giggle…we all need that daily!

    Terri – Bouncy, was an understatement (to me), I just couldn’t think of a better word… LOL

    Jen – I’m afraid it’ll be Brooke or Jason, and man I’ve just been reading and the consusus is almost 50/50 for the two of them.

    Kristi – That’s what I needed to say!!!! Contain the twins! HYSTERICAL! 🙂 And yeah, I’m worried abotu the whole Daughtry thing too…

    Reminder – EVERYONE – KEEP VOTING! 🙂

  8. I agree with you on Brooke-unfortunately I think her time has come.


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