Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 22, 2008

Goin through the Garbage

So over the weekend, Hubby installed a Central Vac that we inherited.   But before he could do that, we had to clean up the garage, and do some serious organization.    Thankfully that meant tossing some stuff that we should never have moved over from the old house in the first place.   We’re packrats like that.

The amount of JUNK/TRASH that we piled up was a decent size, I am sure the garbage guys will just shake their head in awe, (but we’ve had worse to be honest) when they come pick it up.   

Last night, Hubby had to go to a clients home just after 9:30 and didn’t leave their house until midnight, so being the nice wife that I am (*batting my eyelashes) I decided since Garbage day is Tuesday (today) that I would be helpful and take it to the curb.  

I used a couple yard bags, to make it half-way neat (because I’m anal), and got it all taken out.  Additionally there were 3 OLD computer cases that had ancient cd rom drives, and a few other miscellaneous parts (that no-one would probably ever need) in them.  I toted them out as well, and set them nicely side by side next to the garbage.   I figured someone would see them, and take them (which would have been fine with us) to see what was left in them.  


The jerks had to open them up, tear them apart (looking for heaven only knows what) and then LEAVE them strewn out all over our sidewalk, and the road, so we looked like a bunch of pigs livin here.   Rude!  

So, this morning, I picked up all the pieces and parts and tried to nicely put them with the rest of our garbage.   How come they couldn’t just stop, toss them in their vehicle, and then in their own area tear them apart like rabid wolves, and when they were through with them…nicely set them by their own trash, for the garbage men to take?    Is that just absolutely too much to ask????

Hubby thinks they were probably lookin for hard-drives (for personal info).   He had already pulled the hard drives!  It’s his job to NOT BE THAT DUMB.  Give me a break!


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