Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 23, 2008

Only Chocolate Cake Can Fix It

What did people do before television?   I don’t mean normal people, I mean people like me.   Those who have no hobbies, those who don’t have kids at home (during the day), those who hate cleaning or exercising and those that don’t know how to read (just kidding)?  I mean who don’t LIKE to read?

The DirecTV installer was here all day today, and I do mean, all day.   He arrived shortly after 8am, and didn’t leave until 3:00, only to return again about a half an hour later.   It was a long day.  I dealt with whiny puppies who wanted to play, and wanted to follow him around making sure he didn’t hurt us, their house, or steal anything I’m assuming…(who knows what they were thinking).   Those puppies would have been much happier had they been able to go outside today.  IF.WE.HAD.A.FENCE.   No sarcasm there!  Additionally, you can only sit and listen to the DirecTV Demo Dude’s voice for so long (at full blast–because your installer is old) before you want to throw every remote in the house at the TV on the wall.   I am not kidding.  It was that obnoxious and loud.  

Add that stuff to the fact that it was like pulling teeth to get the guy to actually install our stuff today, because he didn’t have all the equipment we ordered (and paid for mind you), so the order was wrong, and according to him, if the order is wrong…he can’t even start.   OH.MY.WORD!   So after several calls to who ever the hell is in charge, by the “trying not to be” extremly frustrated Hubby…the guy got to work.   You would think he had to build our house from scratch.

Would you believe me if I told you that after he left, came back and left again that our living room receiver decided to give us fits?   I just feel like I’ve been traped in a DirecTV nightmare.   But the alternative, having CABLE is pure torture from the DEVIL, so I should be happy I’m getting what I want, finally.   Maybe I’ll feel better about it tomorrow—When I can watch the ONE hour of TV that I want to watch tomorrow.   Can you say selfish?   Cranky?   Over the top?

I think I’m allowed, aren’t I?  To have “a day” that Only Chocolate Cake Can Fix?   BabyAm is making one for me (ok for all of us) as I type…and then I will proceed to eat all the leftover frosting until I get sick and puke.   (No, not really but it sounded good.)

American Idol Results are on now…I guess I’d better stop while I’m ahead.  


  1. MOST of my days I feel like chocolate cake is the only fix. 😉

    You’d hate it at my house–we only have NETWORK STATIONS!! LOL!! 🙂


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