Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 26, 2008

A Joy Filled Day

So I had a JOY FILLED day!

…a few extra minutes (before the dishwasher repair man came to take some Excedrin, drink some coffee, and lay back down) to get rid of my slight headache.

…a working dishwasher (after the dry eye, dishwasher guy fixed it)

…SUNSHINE, what a beautiful day!

…a patient family who went to a Yard Sale (the ONLY yard sale I wanted to go to) with me

…a sweet Hubby who took me to a local home and garden store, and bought me (among a few other yard things) two Rosemary plants and a Patio Tomato plant

…a hard working Hubby who mowed, weed whacked, fertilized and watered our lawn today (so it could be beautiful)

…squisy damp pant legs from ME pulling weeds outta the landscaping WHILE the sprinklers were running!

…loving Sissy (BabyAm) took her brothers (the Boston Boys) for a much needed energy draining walk

…some quiet & restful (not that I did anything today) time alone while Hubby and BabyAm went ALONE to Costco to pick up a few things, while they text messaged me pictures of EXTRAS’ they thought they might need…(Note to self:  Don’t send them ALONE again)

…my helpful daughter, BabyAm, (working off a little “debt”) conscientiously vacuuming the entire house

…except the stairs and the furniture, because somehow my considerate Hubby, graciously, took that job on, himself

I’m not done, if you can believe it?

…my precious and thoughtful Hubby and BabyAm decided I didn’t need to cook dinner, so they bought a Caesar Salad and then Hubby bbq’d Rack of Lamb for us! YUM!  (…and I still have a few for lunch tomorrow!)

…and right now, the ultimate excitement of watching Failure to Launch as a family, knowing that the chores (most of them) are done, the dishes will get clean and we can just continue to HANG OUT TOGETHER.  (Note to all of you:  If you’ve not seen Failure to Launch, YOU MUST!  It’s one to OWN!  And I’m not mentioning Matthew McConaughey, or the Nekkid Room w/Terry Bradshaws tush) 

Thank you Lord for all the joy and blessings you give me daily, especially the ones I see, when I finally open my eyes to recognize them.  I’m working on noticing the rest, I promise.   Amen.


  1. Oooh, that WAS a fabulous day…LUCKY!! 🙂


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