Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 28, 2008

Thinking of a boycott…

After my exciting day of laundry, laundry and yet more laundry, I have been thinking of a boycott.   I’ve never really boycotted anything, but this one is worth seriously considering.

Inside-out Laundry!  
If it’s inside out, it doesn’t get washed!

I’m tired of putting up with it…you know, Inside-out-shorts!  Inside-out shirts!  Inside-out socks!  Socks especially do not come clean if they are not properly turned right-side-out, they just don’t.  I can not tell you how much time I spent today turning them (and everything else) right-side-out!  

I ask you, am I the only one dealing with this problem?   How hard is it to just turn them right-side-out???  I’m thinking this must be VERY HARD, because no one but me, can accomplish this feat.

Comments anyone? 


  1. Ha ha! Just last night I was thinking that I was just going to let Snacks wear his socks inside out from now on because I’m SICK AND TIRED of turning his little tiny socks right side out!! 🙂

  2. “Let the sunshine it—–face it with a grin” I think you wrote this just yesterday !!!! My my, how soon we forget. Its just laundry honey. Assign it to someone else. lolo

  3. How it goes in is how it comes out. Hubby complains occasionally about the socks but this has always been my rule-I don’t have time to turn everything. Other laundry rules: any loose money is mine, and I don’t check pockets so you better, otherwise it will be ruined. Oh, and I rarely put hubby’s stuff away. I think he’s old enough to do that himself, don’t you think?


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