Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 2, 2008

Date Night

Tonight, Hubby and I had a Date Night.  

We went to dinner with a couple of our friends, Jamie and Jamey.  They are expecting their first baby, his name is going to be Brooks.  Isn’t that a cute name?  (Aren’t those pictures adorable?) 

I had just finished getting ready when Hubby said that we weren’t in THAT big of a hurry.  I didn’t understand what he was talking about since we had a stop to make on our way to dinner.   Then he had to spill his guts, saying our RIDE was on it’s way.  I knew immediately what RIDE that would be.  He’s so funny.   One of his clients (who is also our dear sweet friend) offered us one of his toys for the evening.  

Shortly after our conversation, our RIDE arrived!

What a guy!   (Thanks RK-you’re the bomb!)  It was a perfect evening to be topless, and something that is funny I actually did my hair tonight and I had put enough hairspray in my hair to make sure it didn’t move (even in a tornado).  I’m intuitive like that!

Anyway, we had a great dinner.  Sadly though, our waiter was no brighter than a dim bulb and that always disappoints me, especially since our last waitress there was AMAZING!  

…and because we’re OLD people, we were home by about 9:30…


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