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Spoiled Much?

So I decided I’d better share with you the wonderful parts of my Mother’s Day, because after all I was spoiled in all the right ways.

Just as midnight (before Mother’s Day) was approaching, the Little Girl (BabyAm) said she couldn’t sleep, so I told her that she could rub my feet…funny mom aren’t I?    SHE DID!  That was amazing.   She also rubbed my shoulders, which was a perfect way to end/start my day.

We all slept in until about 9, which is sleeping in for everyone (but me) and would you believe that my sweet family made me my favorite breakfast (well, breakfast is just my favorite…if someone else makes it).   They made me Homemade Strawberry/Raspberry Crepes, with Extra Creamy Whip Cream!  YUM!

I got several “Happy Mother’s Day” text messages, but the one that meant the most was from Freckles.   What a cutie pie…hopefully he gets to spend more time here this summer.   I just was so thankful and blessed that he remembered that I’m  a mom too.  🙂   When he was little he called me his “Steph” Mom…sweet huh?  I think he’s grown outta that…too bad, I really kinda liked it. (Sniff sniff)

Coming back to reality…Hubby and BabyAm also gave me presents!  I love presents!   The Little Girl (with some help from Dad) got me some much needed (and my favorites) Body Shop, Body Wash.   Bergamont and Coconut, both exactly what I wanted, nothing more.   And there were even some extras that came in a cute little makeup bag as well as a bonus!  (Aloe Lotion, Mascara, a small container of flowery smelling (Hubby says Grandma smelling) Body Butter, and and some Aqua Toilet Water -LOL).  I couldn’t decide which body wash to use this morning, so I might have to shower twice today.  🙂

And there is more…My dear sweet Hubby had mentioned the day before that he needed some uninterrupted time alone, which was fine with me.  (Poor guy only gets time alone when he’s in the Mens’ Room, and we don’t have one of those (LOL) here!)   So I just hung out and watched TV.  I remember now, thinking then about him being in there for quite awhile, and I thought how weird that was…if he was wrapping presents, then he was either really slow, OR there were A LOT of them!  🙂  LOL

I was a little mislead, that is what one gets for assuming, but it was so worth it being surprised!  Because just before breakfast (CREPES) he handed me an envelope (pink, my favorite color) and I opened it.   Would you believe….Hold on to your hats my friends….Seriously!   HE MADE ME A CARD!  It is so sweet!   He obviously went into the bedroom the day before, sat down at my craft table, and went to town.   He used 3 different kinds of paper, and stamps my friends!  Stamps!!!!   How very fun!   I didn’t have the heart to ask him if he had fun (he wouldn’t admit it anyway), but I’m tellin you what, that man loves me!

Here’s a couple pictures! 

I couldn’t resist…and he’s going to kill me for posting them, I’m sure…but it’s worth it just to show you the love!   The card is red, but the lighting in the picture doesn’t do it any justice.  It’s just amazing.   Too sweet!

Additionally, we got “Mongolian BBQ” take out – it is something I think I could eat, and that was very nice, since it’s not one of Hubby’s favorites, he lets me have it once in awhile whenever I want it, to remind me that I am indeed, spoiled.

BabyAm did the vacuuming and picked up a bunch of stuff so that she wouldn’t get beat I wouldn’t have to, which was nice.  And then Hubby made me a nice cup of hot tea, as per Mrs. Pott’s directions, and I am telling you, I would have been fine with microwaved water, and no steeping…but he insisted that now that we know how to make a PROPER cup of tea, that it be done correctly.   I’m telling you, I am loved.  I am proud to be my Hubby’s wife and my BabyAm’s mother. 


  1. Lucky you!


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