Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 15, 2008

Do you see what I see?

I almost can’t believe my eyes!   Wedneday, 3 very nice young men showed up at my door, to hang out all day with ME (lol)!  What woman, (who is getting ready to have her 10th anniversary of her 28th Birthday soon) would not want that?    Seriously I was so excited to see these men, it was the…FENCE GUYS!!!!!!!  Yes!  Fence Guys!   I have pictures!   So sorry to bore you, but HELLO, I’ve been waiting for 5 months for a fence!  Give a girl a break, will ya!

Above is a picture just before they showed up!

Then they dug holes!   With shovels?  Pashaw!  We must be important cuz they used a funky corkscrew thing!   (Can you tell I’ve never seen a fence be built before?  Well, if you’re not thinking this woman is an idiot now…you will be saying it soon!)

And now for pictures of the beautiful piles of dirt from the HOLES!

And this next picture, I’m just giddy with anticipation…

We have POSTS people!  Posts!

I promised that if they came back to finish up the fence, I’d have cookies for them!   So tonight, BabyAm made our wonderful Fence Guys, some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I would have made them, but she enjoys it!  (Please let them show back up like they are supposed to tomorrow, Friday…so I’m not happily stuck eating all these cookies all weekend!)

Too bad our house was almost as hot as the oven though.   We had a beautiful day today, with a temperature of 87 and our house was about 79 all afternoon.   Hubby finally broke down (because BabyAm and I couldn’t quit complaining) and turned on the air conditioner for awhile.   It’s almost midnight and it’s 70 still…Wow!  That was quick!  What happened to our spring?

Of course, I’ll be posting more pictures of my new best friend as she is getting finished up!


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