Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 16, 2008

News about BabyAm

Still trying to catch you all up (maybe I need to go back to blogging EVERY.DAY)…eek!    So, in this post, I mentioned that we had news about BabyAm.  Several weeks ago, she came to us and wanted to have a very serious discussion.  She had decided to ask our permission to take some online classes, night school or summer school, so that she could try and graduate early.   Wow!   We had discussed it awhile back, but ultimately it was something she had to be passionate about.   Guess she is now.   So with that, we told her to do some reasearch and get back with us for a bit more discussion.   

She came back with tons of great information, got all her notes from her head together and on paper, she (with a little help) figured out what she had taken, and what classes she still had left that were required.  From what we could see, she only had TWO classes that she needed to take during the summer in order to be a SENIOR next year, and still keep all but one of her requested electives!   Too cool!

So she talked to her counselor, who thought her decision was a great one (mind you I thought this woman would shut her down) and gave her the paperwork she needed to make her decision.   And after quite a few phone calls, and a handful of nervous breakdowns from mom (yes, that’s me)…we got her enrolled in online summer classes.  

Nine weeks.  Scary thought.   She’ll be taking a full year of English 11, and a full year of US History 11, in a total of nine weeks.   She said she wanted to stay busy, and she wanted a challenge…I think she’s going to be gettin her wish…Crazy girl.   She loves to learn, which is an amazing trait.  

We really put alot of thought into this.   She wants to start college right away, and she really can’t stand the High School drama (it’s worse than when I was in school).   We all think this is the best decision for her, and it was her request, her research and her committment…all without hesitation.   She’ll get to graduate, and walk the line with the Seniors next year, most of which she already knows since she’s got mostly upperclassmen in her classes now, which is nice (plus she’ll meet tons more next year!).  

None of us could see her taking two classes her senior year, when she could do it now, and be done with it!  We are excited, scared, nervous…seriously, she’s our baby…and that means I’m getting old.   SIGH

Good, and happy news though!  Way to go BabyAm!  You can do it!


….by the way, if you haven’t read my previous blog post…you’re missin out!!  LOL


  1. How exciting for her! Yes, lots of hard work, but it sounds like she can handle it.

    My girl graduates in a few weeks and what I would not give to have skipped some of the drama!


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