Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 17, 2008

And she was Hot Hot Hot!

Today was a toasty one here (92), I’m tellin ya!   Tomorrow, we’re expecting the same (93).  I think though we’ll get back to normal (spring) weather next week, which will be good for me. 

 I’m not one for cold or hot…I prefer 70ish, a little overcast (or some good shade) and a breeze.   I wish there was somewhere that was exactly like that all year round (no…not Seattle, too overcast/rainy) that we could move to.  But then again, I doubt we’d move.  If you ask him, my Hubby would tell you that I will complain about the weather from about May to the end of September, then be happy throughout October and part of November, then start complaining again until Mid March.   He’s funny…but speaks the truth.  There is no pleasing this whimpy woman!  My poor family!

I have to say it was a nice family day (again).   We all slept in, got ourselves put together and headed out, we were going to go walk through the ajoining neighborhood’s annual yard sale.   However, by the time we were ready to leave it was already getting hot, so we opted for driving through it instead.  We only stopped at a few, and the only treasure we found was a book that BabyAm wanted.  So we ran a couple errands, stopped and got lunch and headed back.

When we got home, I found myself in the cool house resting with my boys, while Hubby and BabyAm mowed the lawn, fertilized and watered.  Man it sure looks nice. 

Hubby and I fell asleep for awhile (a long while) and BabyAm did some (very little) homework and blogged.  She found some blogs that she really liked today, and so she’s been poking around them most of the evening.  Of course after a nice long nap, who wants to cook dinner?  Definately not me.  Once again we had MYOD night.  (Make Your Own DInner)   I have cooked the last couple nights, and my personal rule is cook two, off one.  LOL – Sometimes its the other way around though.   Thankfully they understand.

There’s a handful of new houses on our block for sale, so hubby and I decided to walk through them, they are so pretty, and our view (same side of the street as us) is so amazing we’re surprised they have not sold yet.  Weird!   Since we were out, we took a nice little walk around the neighborhood as the sun was going down together.   It was nice.   We rarely get to do that alone.

And we just got back from taking a little road trip to Dairy Queen for a Fudge Brownie Temptation.   I wish I could tell you it was amazing, but I wasn’t impressed.   It definately didn’t look like the picture, that’s for sure!   But it was nice to get out again, and just hang with my family.

I think we’ll sleep with the windows open again tonight, the low is supposed to only be 60.   I wish we could just pitch a tent outside. 

I have some Debate stuff to get finished tomorrow, so I plan to work on that.  Tuesday is our End of the Year Banquet and I can not wait…a big monkey will be off my back, and my world can hopefully return to normal.   I have been really over the top with some of this Debate stuff, and I am looking forward to finally letting go and enjoying my freedom. 

I will leave you with a cute cartoon.  I found this website (Everyday People) by accident, and I’m so excited because some of these cartoons are perfect for my life.



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