Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 21, 2008

“Lasts” Permanent and Temporary

Part of me wants to tell you about last night’s banquet…and the other part says, what’s done is done.  My last function, project, and headache for Debate, permanently.   I think I’m going to go with the later.  I’m very excited to have my personal time back.  

Yesterday morning I went to Book Club, the last one until August.   Funny how even though they know I don’t read much, all the ladies all still let me invade their fun.   Instead of the usual restaurant, or coffee shop we met at one of the lady’s house yesterday morning and she had a beautiful table set for all of us, and wonderful food prepared.   We had sort of a brunch, with Tea (prepared and served correctly) and out of Bone China Tea Cups (with saucers) no less.  I felt so special to be in attendance.   No one liked the book at all (glad I didn’t finish it), but everyone enjoyed the company.  I think that’s all that matters. 

Tomorrow is our last Bible Study too, we’re taking a summer break, and we’re having another get-together at another lady’s house.  I just love hangin with these gals, they are a riot.   I think I’m the youngest one, but it’s nice because I can see how much I still have to learn about life, parenting, friendships etc. 

What a blessing that Mrs. Potts was put into my life, as I have had the opportunity to share so many things with her the past 8 months, things I would have not gone out of my comfort zone to be a part of.



  1. Hey.. No Pictures!? What gives?!

    I’m just kidding, I hope someone got one of the hug between Robert and I. That one is funny.

    Good job on all of it, made me want to add a few pins to that letter, and be able to give that speech again.

    SO! I’m going to ride that train until it gets to the final station, Debate itself has been so good to me I can’t just leave it in the dust. I mean it’s brought me you and your family, and just about all my friends. (Haven’t told the coach I’m comming back yet so SHH!)

    Love you guys over there, (Odd hearing that from a guy huh?)



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