Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 24, 2008

Perfect Weather

We had a beautiful Saturday.  Slept in, hung out, then went to the Outlet Mall to get Hubby some new jeans.  While we were clear across town, we decided to make the trip out to Lucky Peak Dam to see them letting out the water.   They were only letting it out today from 11 to 2, so we hurried out to get a quick peek.  

Beautiful isn’t it?   It’s just an amazing site.

After snapping a few pictures, we decided to walk down to the water at the park, and we were able to step down into it…still VERY cold, and though today was beautiful, it was definately not hot enough to play in the water. 

The dogs did take a quick dip though.  Aren’t they cute?

They were so tired from their walk through the park and from playin in the cold water that they slept pretty much the whole way home. 

But once back in the confinement of their own FENCED back yard…they were at it again, playing like there was no tomorrow.   I love watching them.   They are just like little toddlers, playing until they fall asleep in the middle of the floor due to being completely exhausted.  

Here they are shortly before crashing hard…

Daddy found BabyAm’s old soccer ball, and there was just enough air out of it that they both could get ahold of it and run it back across the yard.

Another fun day!


  1. The picture of the dam is AWESOME! My human boys would love that!


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