Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 27, 2008

All over town…

BabyAm had me driving her all over town today to take more pictures for her Digital Photo class.  Big project due tomorrow (Wed), so we spent almost 4 hours out driving around, at almost $4 a gallon.   (That girl needs to get a job! – LOL – But when would she have time to work?)  

Anyway, here is a small SAMPLING of the pics she took…we were North to the foothills, and South to farmland today…  

We’ve had storms the last couple days, and expect them the next couple…so maybe I’ll post some pretty pictures of those tomorrow. Matter of fact we’re getting quite the “lighting show” right now.   Time to go watch!


  1. She got some great shots!

    And Headless Girl did get a job!! Whoot!


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