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A Truthful-Tale

This is a story about a beautiful, independent and talented Princess.   The Procrastination Princess, to be exact.  

This story will take you through a journey of the King and Queens perspective of how a Princess becomes a Procrastination Princess from a birds-eye view.  Grab a “cuppa” (as my favorite Tea Snob says) and enjoy the fairy truthful-tale.

Once upon a time, in a crazy land, close close to home lives a beautiful Princess who, this week, had two big BIG projects due, two days in a row, in two different elective classes.   Now, because the Princess is so independent, she seems to wait until the VERY last minute to show the King and Queen the very long and detailed instructions/requirements for the project.  The King and Queen consider this independence a talent.

This talent was not discovered instantly, it’s a creatively crafted fine art.   The Princess has been perfecting it for years!   Each time when the project or HUGE assignment is given out, she unconsciously convienently has a memory lapse of how the last project got finished, and decides she can handle this one without the help of her Royal Court hoovering over her every move.  

This is where the story gets fuzzy.   The King and Queen can only speculate that her mental state goes from completely competent to educationally insane.   The independent Princess, however, thinks about how she wants to accomplish her assignment/project without ANY help, and tries to organize it in her head, but then is overcome with emotion about how it’s not going to work exactly as planned and/or how she needs to do this one these ten other important things first, and then she’ll start on the project, after all she still has plenty of time.  This emotional and educational insanity sticks around for several days.

Several days, means until the night before this BIG project is due.   This is when the Royal Family steps in to rescue the aformentioned Princess.   The Queen sits down with the Princess and explains, yet again how important it is that she ask for help prior to the night before her Big Due Date, and what the word ‘procrastination’ means.   The Queen also reminds her of the last project, which jogs her own memories about the many many before, where she was also rescued.  The Princess is so overcome with emotion that her independence changes to dependence and she reluctantly concedes that she indeed needs assistance.  Lots of it!

By this time, the Queen’s motherly instincts take over and she sees the Princess has come by this extremely terrible talent…naturally.   Oh the memories that flow into the Queen’s head, the flood of emotion, and then after the frustration that this happens regularly, the rush of resourceful adrenaline shoots through the Queens veins immediately.

This sweet story doesn’t end here.   The Queen gives the Princess some direction, and they work together to make progress on what looks to be an impossible project. There is some photo printing, paper reducing, and other document finding happening.   Now, the evening was shaping up to be very productive, but the Princess and her very patient mother the Queen realize that this project needs to be bound together.   But how?   The King,  who hasn’t retired for the night, who has sent all his faithful servants home for the evening, offers to make an almost midnight ride in his gas guzzling SUV on his white horse, to pick up the necessary supplies.  He’s not called the King for nothing.   The Princess realizes that the King is also her HERO, once again, and is elated!   After his return, there is still much frustration, and dueling control issues between the Princess and the Queen, all this inbetween hours and hours of cutting, pasting, and question answering happening.   Finally, the project was complete. 

The sun is two hours from coming up over the Castle, which is two hours before the Princess needs to start getting ready for her BIG Due Date, and by now has realized just how thankful she is to her Royal Family for all their love and support of her, regardless of her flaws.  She is very appreciative, graciously and humbly thanks the Queen for all her help, and apologizes for starting to become grouchy.   The Queen is pleased with their progress, and kisses her Princess while pushing her up the stairs to bed.

The King has long retired into his comfortable bed, by this obnoxious hour.  However, the Queen is terrified that everyone will oversleep, and has no idea if the King set his trusty alarm or not.  She tip-toes over to the stove and sets the timer for two hours and 30 minutes, and giggles.  She climbs into her very comfortable bed, and can’t come down from her long night falls fast, fast asleep.

The Queen vaguely remembers the timer on the stove going off, and the once again independent Princess turning it off shortly before the Queen managed to drag herself out of bed joyfully rushed to say goodbye and good-luck to the princess as she walked out the door.   Later in the day the King anxiously casually looked to see if her project had been graded.   He was amazed excited to see that the hard work and effort of the Procrastination Princess and his Queen, who honestly couldn’t have gotten through it without him had earned her an “A” (198/200 points).

The King, Queen and the Procrastination Princess will live happily ever after.  Until next year when this fairy truthful tale, will be told all over again, several times.

The moral of the story:   Do not put off until tomorrow, what you should have done last week because someday your trusty King and Queen will not be as readily available, and you might not have anyone else to rely on at the last minute.   


Side note:  The castle photo above was taken by the Procrastination Princess, during our picture taking frenzy for her Digital Photo project that was due yesterday…if you click on the link it’ll take you to the website for Castle Gardens, a very expensive beautiful place for a fairy tale wedding.


  1. Ugh! I know those days! Thankfully they’re gone for HG-and I learned my lesson. The boys won’t be doing it if I have anything to say about it!

  2. OMG this is a story about my Step-Daughter I think! I am beginning to think I may look good in Orange jumpsuits! Please come visit me! I love you and thank you for listening to me!


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