Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 2, 2008

Still Alive!

Yep!  I’m still alive.   Just had a busier than I thought weekend, and week to come.   So I’ll fill you in on random things…

Friday night after Hubby woke up from his nap, we decided to go look for a fire pit.   We found one we liked, but decided to keep looking.   FIVE stores later, we had nothing to show for it.   Figures!

Saturday morning, it was obvious that Hubby’s headache was gone because he had Ants in his Pants!   I can tell you we ended up with some fencing material (for the bottom of our fence), some flowers, and a fire pit!   We also ended up with a nice clearance set of patio furniture.  We decided to put it on the front patio and our other stuff out back.   Sadly it rained Saturday night, so we didn’t get to enjoy it, but we did on Sunday night…Here’s some pictures!

Additionally I got to finally have lunch with a friend (and her mom) today, that I have not been able to connect with (because we have both been so busy) in THREE months.   We spent almost 3.5 hours just visiting (and eating in there too), it was so nice.

This evening Hubby had some work (at a retail location) to do, BabyAm had already done her studying, so we loaded up the boys and we all went with Hubby.   BabyAm and I went to an OLD department store (King’s) and bought the book “The Pokey Little Puppy”, because Hubby’s never read it.  LOL    And then her and I drove up to the foothills to a Cemetery where we visited my little brother for a while.   It was nice, the cemeteries are so pretty this time of year, and of course peaceful.  

Anyway, we’ve got TWO more days of school left, which will be nice.  We’re really getting excited, and I am sure BabyAm is too.

My in-laws will be here visiting from tomorrow (Tuesday) through Saturday this week, which will be nice as we have not seen them in quite awhile, and then next week Freckles will be visiting with us from Tuesday through Saturday before he heads out East for 6 weeks.

I will definately blog when I can, and hopefully get some pictures up too.  They are always fun to share.


  1. Those fire pits are wonderful! Looks like a great place to sit , have a glass of wine and chat!

  2. I LOVE your patio furniture, your fire pit, AND your gorgeous flowers–a far cry from my cheap plastic kid-proof furniture!! LOL 🙂


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