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Smoke, Mirrors and Smiley Faces

My Hubby’s on a ROLL tonight.   He’s firing off a Letter to the Editor tonight and I thought I’d give him a voice here as well, as it is really worthy of being heard/read.  And I am sure many of you can relate in your communities as well.

As I watched the news this evening I can only sit here in disgust.


Tonight we heard a story on the news about how the drivers who volunteer their time, energy and money to the meals on wheels program are quitting because they can not afford the price of gas.  (This means that elderly and handicapped folks who DESPARATELY need this service may just have to go without). We also heard a story (ongoing) about how a 14 year old girl who went missing was found with her 27 year old captor.  This is a man that she met on the internet who drove all the way from Alabama to pick her up and run away with her.  The news has also recently reported on some other issues of concern.


·         The Idaho Meth Project (a program to try to educate teens on what meth use can lead to) is out of or nearly out of money and they may not have the funding to continue.

·         The Booth Memorial Home (a home/school for pregnant teens run by the Salvation Army) is in jeopardy of having to shut down because they can not raise a measly $100,000 to stay in operation. (Yes, $100k is a lot of money by our standards, but should be relatively easy to raise or obtain with a little help from the City or Community.)

·         Food banks are running out of food and families that are struggling to get by (many for the first time in their lives) are having a hard time getting relief.


Tonight we also got to hear all about the Mayor’s state of the city address and what he wants.

·         $4 MILLION whitewater park  “to give water enthusiasts a place to play”. ($1 million of that has been donated, but where is the other $3 million going to come from?).

·         A $15 – $20 MILLION new main library branch downtown to replace the existing, very functional library.

·         He wants to bring Street Trolley’s back to downtown (YOU CAN WALK FROM ONE SIDE OF TOWN TO THE OTHER IN 15 MINUTES!)

·         He wants more Rec Centers too….

We have REAL problems here in this small city. We have gangs, we have kids doing meth, we have kids getting pregnant, we have kids using the internet in a dangerous manner because they don’t know any better.  We have pregnant kids who may not have anywhere to go to get good care and stay in school. We have kids not eating because their families can not get assistance at the food bank.  We have elderly and handicapped people that may not get a needed meal and conversation because their meals on wheels driver can not afford to deliver their food to their home anymore.  BUT, our mayor wants to live in Disney Land with White Water Parks, and Trolleys.  He wants a new library that we really don’t need (I am not against libraries in any way, but at this point, I think that the library and branches that we have are sufficient given the other problems our community is facing).


What is it going to take for us to wake up and smell the coffee?  We have REAL problems that can not be fixed with smoke and mirrors and smiley faces.

Well said Hubby!   Comments anyone???


  1. Awesome! He sounds like my own, except without the swearing that my hubby would insert. I would like to think that there might be some real change after reading a letter like that. Unfortunately in our community at least there would be lots of ‘Hell yea!’ and no action. Good for him!

  2. Well said dad! Love it maybe someone might do somethin about it this time!!

  3. I hope he gets heard LOUD and CLEAR! Crazy isn’t it that a waterpark could trump the elderly, the homeless, the hungry and the needy? Sometimes we live in a very sick country. Can we get a follow up?

  4. I’ve had similar thoughts about all the money that has been raised and spent by the Presidential candidates thus far–imagine how far all that money would go if people would give that freely to help others!!!


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