Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 3, 2008

Who am I today?

Catchy title?  I don’t think so, it started out being “Liar”, then I thought “Spoiled”…and I decided today I am both!   It’s not what you’re thinking though…neither are intentional…

So let me first say that it was not my intention to LIE to all of you about how I’ve been drinking the PROPER cup of tea lately…it has been semi-proper.   And to me, it was WAY more proper than what I had been drinking previously (microwaved, store brand cheezy tea).   I was using hot water from my teapot, with yummy tea that Mrs. Potts bought for me, steeping it for exactly 2 minutes, sugar and milk (sometimes creamer though, I must admit)…Now here’s the LIE part; I was not using a PROPER tea cup (mug).   For it to be a PROPER tea cup, it must be Bone China.   In my defense, it was because I didn’t have one.  (Do you feel sorry for me?)  Therefore, I’ve been lying to you all this time, as I was not actually having a PROPER CUPPA…but

This is where the spoiled comes in…This morning I was headed out to get my hair done…early birthday present from my Hubby (because I’m spoiled like that—of course not because I needed the grey covered or anything—see I am a LIAR, not being spoiled, but about the grey!).

Anyway, as I was leaving, I noticed a basket on my front porch!   For me!!!!!!   My husband said he did think he saw Mrs. Potts driving away from our house this morning…and sure enough, he was RIGHT!  She had left me an early birthday present too!   OH MY GOSH, how sweet is she???  You all need a friend like her, she’s amazing!   

In the basket here’s what I found:

  • A Happy Birthday Card (hand made!)
  • Some Shortbread Cookies (For Dunking)
  • Some Burbon Creams (Very Yummy Cookies – I already ate one!) 
  • Even some England’s No. 1 Tea (40 Bags)
  • And…A Beautiful Bone China Tea Mug!!!!!  (and it’s PINK! My favorite color!)

She said I don’t even need to share!   I am so SPOILED, she’s going to make a Tea Snob outta me yet!!   Wow!  Talk about an amazing start to the day!

So of course I had to take a picture for you!
(Click on the picture for a closer look!)

I took that picture this afternoon after I got my hair colored and cut.   Nope, I did not choose Sharon Osborne red (purple).   We went for a more conservative look.  HOWEVER, it does have hints of lavendar (not like old lady lavendar) when the sunlight hits it.   I do love it though.  

You’ll be happy to know (well Mrs. Potts will) that the tea you see in the cup, was actually made and enjoyed 100% properly, and it was the best “cuppa” I have had since my last one at her house!   It really does make a difference in the PROPER CUP! 

Thank you Mrs. Potts for my beautiful PINK Bone China Tea Mug!  You made my day!

And also a thank you to my Hubby (and Lola) for my beautiful new “do”…cuz without him to support my Hair Habit, I’d be using a Flowbee!  Just kidding, I would NEVER do that, I’d just wear a hat!


  1. Cute! What a great friend!

    And- Happy Birthday! When is the exact day? Have a great one, and I want more details of what the great hubby and Baby Am do for you!


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