Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 8, 2008

Arena Football?

Odd game.  Interesting.   Fast paced.  Quick scoring.  Temperature controlled.  And kind of fun.

Last night we went with some friends to an arena football game.   For the most part I enjoyed myself.   The atmosphere (in the Suite we were in) left a little to be desired, but the game (what I got to see of it) was fun. 

The cheerleaders/dancers, left alot to be desired.  Not that they couldn’t dance, because they could…but because they wore less than I thought they should to get their point across.    Teenage (that’s what they looked like) girls with cleavage a mile long, getting a close up on the big screen (every time they came out) from a perfectly chosen angle…bouncing.   Just really disturbing.   I must be getting old.  

BabyAm enjoyed herself, she’s like me she loves sports when you are actually at the game.   Yes, I would go again, but I think I would prefer to go as a family and sit in the seats closer (though the suite is nice) or just with a couple friends.   Being with other couples that don’t have the same manners as we do is very hard.   My Hubby and RK did everything they could do to remedy the situation, but to no avail.  One question that was asked last night…”How do you tell stupid people that they are stupid?”…

Still, we had a good time…at least the first half.   And our team lost.   The other team is still undefeated.


  1. ewwwww rude of the other team.
    enjoyed herself? No – correction: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!

    Take me again!


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