Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 11, 2008

Company Line

So I mentioned last week my in laws (the Penguins) were here visiting for a few days, and last night Freckles arrived to spend the rest of the week.   We all think he’s grown 3 or more inches just since March!   Holy Cow!

BabyAm spent the night Monday night with her grandparents (we’ll call them Belly Dumper (his job) and my mom the Cemetery Junkie (her weakness) – so, CJ for short).   I reluctantly sent BabyAm’s drivers permit paperwork with CJ, because I know she has really wanted to get BabyAm behind the wheel.  And to be honest, I think she has more patience than I do right now.  So, time behind the wheel, is time behind the wheel.   And if she’s brave enough, I figured I outta let her.   I guess they had fun, they even sent me a picture, which CJ had to take – NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.  

 Anyway…our next few weeks look like this:

  • BabyAm starts Online Classes
  • Freckles Leaves for 6 weeks
  • A friends Family Reunion
  • Father’s Day
  • 20 Year High School Reunion
  • Uncle Jim comes from AZ to visit for a week
  • Bio-Family Reunion

Thats about it here that we have planned anyway, sounds busy.  Even thought they don’t sound stressful, every one of those things brings a bunch of things to mind that either need done, or I can’t help stressin about.   I need a chill pill.

Off to the mall with BabyAm for awhile to spend my b-day gift card from The Penguins…for whatever reason the girl that doesn’t like reading much (me) is craving a good (easy to read) book.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Step,

    I hope you had fun at the mall. We are leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas. I’ll be in touch.



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