Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 12, 2008

Flat on my back…

This is gonna be short.  I am flat on my back, somehow I managed to pop my lower back out.  Yesterday Hubby wanted to me to go the Chiropractor, and I should have.   Last night, I was sicker than a 21 year old in a packed bar for the first time, with everyone buying a birthday shot for her…in addition to being in serious pain, yuck!  This morning I asked Hubby to take me to the Doc.   The bad news was, they didn’t open until 3pm.   Longest 6 hours of my life waiting to get to the doc….

He took x-rays and some other funky thing, here’s a picture:  Click on the picture to see it bigger, and really see the damage.

The top left box is what a normal scan should look like, the one below is mine (not pretty) the red bar is where I am out the worst and the green is what is hurting because it’s trying to balance out my back and is additionally being pulled out.   So…then he finally cracked me…I didn’t feel instantly better, matter of fact I cried several times.  I was hurting THAT bad.

He wants to see me tomorrow morning, and Saturday morning for sure, he said possibly Sunday, but definately Monday.  I have to stay flat and can only really get up to use the bathroom.   I’m not happy about that.  Freckles is here!  I feel like such a terrible Steph-mom…sucks!   BabyAm is helping with the laundry and being my personal slave nurse.

Might be quiet for a few days, it’s tough to type laying down. 


  1. Ouch, Hope you get back to feeling better.
    I’m getting better at REAL guitar, and I want to play for you guys when I can paly a song well. But having that doesn’t help!

    Get better, and be nice to you slav-I MEAN Nurse!

    Dream On too, even if they’re just daydreams.


  2. Sooo sorry to hear this!! HD has back issues and it really sucks.

    Look on the bright side, though… you can catch up on all of your blog reading, as well as books, and watch some movies without guilt! Doctor’s orders!

    Oh, and Mrs. Potts, if you’re reading this? Take that girl a cuppa, Pronto! 😉

  3. I am so sorry to hear you are hurting! If ya need me to come over and change your “depends” …..I will be right there! I hope ya get to feeling better and don’t worry about being a terrible Step-Mom! He knows you aren’t! Love ya!

  4. Sorry to read that you are hurting. I hope it’s a quick recovery 🙂


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