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Tired of laying down!

I wish I could say that I’m patient and understanding about how important it is to lay flat and rest, no chores and not doing anything really except the bare minimum…but I am NOT a patient person.   I’m sick and tired of laying down.  I’m trying to be a good patient, but Hubby and BabyAm will tell you I have been rotten.  They are always yelling at me.  I feel like I’m a 5 year old sometimes, seriously-because I can’t do anything.

So here’s a few things I’ve missed out on telling you about over the last couple days.   Freckles left, they are headed to Minnesota or something, and I thought they’d be gone for 6 weeks, but I guess it’s only 3.   Today he called from Old Faithful, and so Hubby went online to the webcam there and saw him, we could see him waving and everything…talk about cool!   Additionally, he’s been sending Hubby text messages along their drive…until today, when somewhere in Wyoming, he misplaced his phone.   Oh how thankful we are for insurance on that phone, but that means the text messages stop until he gets back here in July (and he gets a replacement)…big bummer!

I also was unable to go to my friends Family Reunion…talk about sad.   They are a Mexican family, which means we missed homemade tortillias, tamales, etc…I am broken hearted I tell ya!   I was looking forward to giving my friend’s Dad a bad time, he told me a couple months ago that he talked to his family and they said I couldn’t come…”No Crackers Allowed”…too funny!   I was planning on taking a box of crackers with me,  just to razz him.    But, this back thing, kept me on my couch (angry and hungry), finishing the book that I picked out at the Mall last Wednesday

Good book.   I have read several others by this author and enjoyed them all so far.   Gotta go get another one, as soon as I finish the one I’m reading now  by another author, it’s ok not as good as I would have hoped..

Let’s see, Father’s day.   I don’t really know how that went, you’ll have to ask Hubby…but I’ll tell you a couple things, I think it went as good as any of us expected (with me down).  Saturday night Hubby ran to the store to get a “treat” (chocolate chip cookies) and I told him that if he wanted something special for breakfast he needed to get it while he was there (because I was not going to be able to go to the store).   He thought that was pretty funny but came home with the makings for HIS SPECIAL breakfast.   Orange Juice, eggs, maple sausage links and raspberry coffee cake!   Too funny!  So that is what we had.   He made the sausage, BabyAm made the eggs and set the table, and I helped by warming up the coffe cake in the microwave, and cutting a few fresh strawberries!  This is what the table looked like. 

And a picture of Hubby’s plate!  YUM!

Then he went out and mowed the lawn.   He said it was because he wanted to, I think it’s because he thought he needed to.   We spent the day hanging out (because that is all I could do), and later after dinner (take out), BabyAm made him a Chocolate Tiramisu Cake that was “to die for”.  I wish I had a picture.  This is a MUST cake to make.  I will be posting it on my favorite recipes page (when I feel better).

Here’s a few random pictures of my “gardens” – LOL  The first one is of my flower garden out front.  I get one every year, and have for the last 7 years…alot of work to take care of but beautiful all summer and fall.  It’ll be almost to the ground by the end of August.

Lillies that we didn’t know were here, until they started blooming.  There are 4 or 5 of these in our front flower beds.  I love this yellow!

And the Herb Garden – LOL  One pretty Rosemary plant – for making Rosemary Potatoes, and Rosemary BBQ Lamb Chops!  YUM!

Our Huge Vegetable Garden – The Patio Tomato Plant with 4 tomatoes already!  That are NOT tainted.

Here’s a close up!

And…today we were front and Hubby said “Hurry, look at the bird house!  It’s a Gold Finch!”  He quietly ran inside grabbed the camera and yelled for BabyAm.   Not a great picture, but a picture at least and it was so cool to see!  I wish it would make a home inside the bird house.   I’ll keep watchin!

Let’s see what else…I’ve been racked and cracked so much in the last week, the Chriopractor’s office is starting to be like a second home and family.  Just kidding, but it’s made such a difference!   He told me today (because so many family and friends have asked and had other questions and thoughts) that it’s my L5 Vertebrae and my Sacroiliac Joint that were out.  And now they are back in!   I am just not overdoing it. 

I do miss Mrs. Potts, she’s been in VEGAS BABY!  She’ll be home the end of the week, and I’m so excited because we have so much to catch up on, and we need to have TEA!

Guess it’s time for ice again (probably a “cuppa” too), and BabyAm is making Banana Bread (Baby Loaves), it smells so wonderful! 


  1. Glad to know you’re on the mend. L5/S1 injuries suck. (That was the spot that my husband herniated his disk last fall.)

    Your pics are lovely! I’ll be posting some from my garden soon as well.

    What a lucky girl Mrs. Potts is- I certainly hope she wins since I didn’t!



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