Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 22, 2008

It’s started…

My whining about the heat!   Welcome to SUMMER my friends!   It’s been in the 90’s most all week, and then today was 100 degrees.   Hello! 

We had quite the windstorm this evening, and thunderstorms are expected sometime tonight.   I completely enjoy the breezy summer nights (like tonight), and the thunderstorms…but the heat.  COME ON!

We stayed inside most all day, and I really am thankful.  For whatever reason, I end up getting a headache when we go from hot to cool, cool to hot, etc. 

The nice thing is, it’s supposed to cool back down for next week!  Wooo Hooo…Mid 80’s.  That I can handle.

I will try not to whine TOO much.   I promise.  (Do crossies count?  LOL)


  1. Be thankful you’re not here- 110 for 3-4 days straight now, and not ending for 2 more. Yuck! I’d be happy with 90’s, a sentence that I never thought I’d say!

  2. As you can tell from all my weight loss posts, I ALREADY live in my refrigerator *sigh*…



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