Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 26, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I have so many things going on inside my head right now that I want to tell you all about.  Where to start? 

Yesterday, I finally got to spend some time with Mrs. Potts, she’s been outta town, as you all know.  We met at a coffeshop and we just talked and talked.  So much fun, and so needed.  Only it wasn’t quite long enough, we needed more time to catch up—so we are having a cuppa, scones and fresh fruit in the morning.  Fun!

Now, I’ll take you back to my birthday…I got a late b-day present from Hubby’s dad and step-mom…it was a great present, and it was something I asked for.  EVERYONE needs one of these!  I absolutely LOVE IT!  Now I just need to save up to buy BabyAm and Hubby one too!  It is so much fun to brush my teeth now! 

This morning, I had my first of 12 appointments (one monthly) at the Spa today for a Pedicure (remember present from Hubby).  Because my toes have to be pretty and pink for the weekend.  I’ll get to “why” shortly.

After my Pedi, I picked up some moolah from a clients office, hit then bank, and headed for the mall!   No, I didn’t spend the money I just picked up and deposited (lol)…I had a gift card from my other In-laws (The Penguins).  I had yet to try JC Penney, in my search for some much needed clothes.  So in I went.   Remodeling, need I say more?  What a mess!  But great sales!   And I needed something new for this weekend….so, I spent all but $4.50 ish, purchasing two pair of cute Worthington capri pants (one pair of white, one of black) both are a bit different.  I also got 3 shirts that will mix and match with them (wish I could show them to you, they are so cute!  but I can’t find them anywhere!).

On my way out, I went to put my sunglasses on, and the arm broke off…so I headed back into the mall to where I purchased them from this time last year (with B-day money).   They told me I have to send them back to the company who will replace them.  NICE.  NOT!  I’ll get them sent off Monday.

This weekend, is the dreaded 20 year reunion.   UGG.  I am kind of excited, but nervous and scared.  Hubby said that he’ll tag along, but doesn’t want me to DITCH him.  OMG, why would I do that?  I’ll have my claws diggin into him like a starving hawk.   The schedule is, tomorrow night (Friday) is drinks and appetizers at a local Pub and Grill.  Saturday a family picnic (at the park, next to the school), and Saturday night is a Hawaiian Dinner and 80’s dance down at a Party Room, at our Fairgrounds.   Sigh.   Thus, I needed new clothes, and cute toes!

I’m going to have to write more tomorrow.  Hubby didn’t get much sleep last night, his head wouldn’t quit mulling over Communism.  He’d been helping BabyAm all night with History until 2am.   I’m telling you this girl has her hands full.   And that is an understatement.  She’s finally to a point, where she might be able to take the weekend to herself for the most part.  We pray.




  1. I wish I’d gotten to this sooner…HAVE FUN!!! As you may or may not know, Kelly and I planned our 20 a couple years back and we had so much fun! Her hubby was in our class, too so he had lots of friends to hang with. HD is not shy so me actually made a lot of friends, in addition to hanging with kelly’s hubby.

    Good luck, and I can’t wait for the report!


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