Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | June 30, 2008

When I can…

I’ll be bloggin, but only when I can for several days.   This week my uncle is here from AZ, and we’re going through a big tub full of pictures, obituaries, military stuff etc…and I am SCORING!  🙂  Can’t wait to tell you all about my treasures.  (One big score, is my Grandpa’s Dog Tags!)  AWESOME!   I think BabyAm has them on right now…as a matter of fact, and his military ID bracelet.  I need to take it to the jeweler and have it cleaned though.

Right now I’m taking a few minutes to relax but wanted to let you know that I’ll do my best to post soon, but can’t make any promises.

Please have patience with me, my friends…Thanks!


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