Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 1, 2008


It took 3 days…to finish (purposefully) a bottle of TeJava!  I savored it!!!!!!  Every last drop!

While I was having tea with Mrs. Potts last week, she got a call from the Co-op, where she gets her “fix”, they told her that her TWO CASES of TeJava were in!   We laughed because this time she decided that she just needed to order two cases instead of only one, and save herself a trip.   She said that she was glad they had called because she was down to three bottles.  Then she told me that she was going to send me home with a bottle.  (I must have looked desperate!)  Key words there…”A” Bottle, because she could spare ONLY one!  What a riot!!!  

I just wanted you all to know, that I think its time for me to…make my own call, to the dreaded co-op.   One bottle was just NOT enough.  And YES, it is…THAT GOOD!

Do any of you have something frivolous that you just don’t want to live without? 


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