Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 5, 2008

Perfect View!

Last night we could not have asked for a more perfect view from our back yard of the fireworks!    To the East we had a wonderful view of the firework show in one of our established parks, and to the North we watched tons of illegals, and then to the West was another spectacular fireworks show at the speedway (races).  

No people, no traffic, no trouble.  Just the perfect view.


  1. I’m so disappointed. It was supposed to rain and I thought that the fireworks would be rescheduled for Saturday and so I never went to buy my tripod so I could try my hand at fireworks photos. The darned fireworks went off as scheduled just before it rained. *pout* Oh well I guess I have a year to learn how to use the tripod (if I buy it) and take clear nighttime photos.

  2. We didn’t see any at all. I had to take HD for emergency oral surgery at 9 that night.

    Good times, my friend.


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