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Reunion Event Three – The Finale

After all the fun wierdness at the last two events (One and Two), how could we miss out on the third?   I do not know what possesed me to want to go, but for some reason I needed to be there.  I guess I didn’t want to have any regrets.  Hubby was a real trooper…I can’t stress that enough.

Dinner was pretty good, everything seemed very well put together and I can’t give enough props to the Reunion Committee, honestly they did a great job with the whole weekend.   Drinks were spendy though, $6 for a small plastic cup of beer, or wine.  Wine that was probably less than $9 a bottle no less.   Odd.   I drank water instead.

And, just like the other events there was such a different group of people there (and again, my BFF Karen wasn’t able to be at either of the evening events)…I didn’t feel like I knew very many people.   Hubby and I spent most of the evening with the couples from our dinner table visiting.  I went to elementary school with two of the gals (middle bottom), and one of the guys (top left)…so we all knew each other fairly well.   And the two gals sittin at the table in the middle, and I played “name that face” all night…man I’m good!  

Then we wandered around and watched the Horse Races for a few minutes, we were right next to the Race Track.   It reminded me that we really need to go one evening.  I enjoy watching them.   We also found a bench and just sat and enjoyed one anothers company.   It was nice, I didn’t feel like we were outcasts or anything but I just enjoyed watching the people (and not visiting with any of them) instead, just haning with my Hubby and having time away from the house, the dogs and the daughter.  We haven’t gotten many of those evenings lately where we don’t have to hurry home (or think we do).  Kind of a “date weekend” so to speak.

It was a nice weekend.   I am glad we went to all the events, however though tons of people knew me, I just didn’t hang out with very many of them, and I wasn’t in any of the cliques (which were still in full force) back then.

The strangest thing for Hubby through this whole weekend, was when people came up to me saying my first and (then) last name (which kind of rhyme) that he didn’t know me by…and everyone said it.  I was not just Steph, but Steph—-, all one word.   Hubby knows me by my daughters last name, so he kept thinking to himself-WTH? 

Will there be a Thirty year Reunion?   Gosh I hope not!  Here’s a group shot!

Class of 88!
(And Hubby and one of our friends, top left! – LOL)


  1. I think that some of the attendees of ours would have said some of the same things as you. I really didn’t feel that way but maybe it was because I was one of the organizers. I felt like I had to play hostess so talked to everyone- at least to say hi, thanks for coming, etc. Some of the people stayed in their own little cliques but it seemed that most mingled.

    The consensus for ours was to have another for 25-we had so much fun! And there were a lot of people that couldn’t make it that really wanted to. There has also been talk of combining with 1 or 2 other classes- we were in a very small town and most of us had friends in other classes. We will probably have less events, though. 3 seemed like a lot- and the hangover lasted well into Tuesday!


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