Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 7, 2008

Reunion Event Two

So, if you’ve not read about the First Reunion Event, you should go there first, then come back. 

Saturday afternoon was the Family Picinic (at the park right next to our High School) – lots of people showed up, but it was so strange because no one had name-tags on, and it seemed like there completely different people there, from the night before.  There were free snow-cones and the HS was open for everyone to wander through.   (We didn’t do that because we’d already been back several times for Debates.)

Here’s a picture of me, and my BFF Karen, and sweet Maria.  

If you can’t tell, I was in the “I don’t care if I look pregnant or not” mood.   LOL – I just wanted to be comfortable, and I wasn’t out to impress anyone.   I love that feeling!   To be honest, it’s one of my favorite shirts, and it’s the only time that I let BabyAm lie.   I joke with her, if anyone asks (no one has yet) if I’m pregnant, that she needs to say YES, and the baby is due the end of August, first of September.  

Karen and I made our rounds through the park visiting, but it was so hot we didn’t last long.   It was so funny because BabyAm was hangin on Karen, but everyone knew she was mine…they all said “You look just like your Mom!”…Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to mind—YET!


  1. I’m so glad that you had fun!!!


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