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It’s official  Wii are out of control.   I can’t believe what happened yesterday. Maybe it’s a dream!   Someone pinch me.  Maybe I was drugged, because thought I would never have allowed this to happen.  

Here’s how it went.  I came home from the Chiropractor (which went very well, btw–more later on that) and Hubby said “I think I’d like to spend $$$”….I said “Ok, on what?”. 

That’s when I fainted.  

LOL – Just kidding.  Remember just after BabyAm’s spring break when Freckles was here (for his), I was VERY stubborn, and didn’t play with the borrowed Wii, not even once because, why?  Because I am afraid of addiction.   I knew wii’d end up with one, but…not this soon.  I was thinking more like Christmas time, to surprise the kids…

So he started making phone calls…none anywhere in town.  NONE.  Finally a call to a Wal*art in a nearby town, they had TWO.   By the time wii arrived….they had only ONE.  Good thing wii left when wii did.   

Now, what I haven’t mentioned is how this out of control little purchase was presented.   After the initial discussion on buying a Wii, Hubby added in…”So wii can also buy Wii Fit”.   That’s the actual ‘hooker’ because that little addition is very cool, and he KNEW I’d give in with that statement.

However, when wii arrived to find only one console (which we promptly snatched up), they did NOT have a Wii Fit.   Seriously, did any of you expect them to???  Somehow I did.  Very dumb of me.   Hubby asked the guy to call the other stores in the town we were in, and see if they had one.   NOPE, couldn’t be that lucky.

So, all the way home–did I mention that was 20 miles (one way) at $4.10 a gallon in our SUV–, wii  (both of us on our phones) were calling every single reputable (and not so reputable) electronic store, department store and then even the little tiny game stores too…NO ONE had any.   Not a one in the city, anywhere.  Are these things THAT popular?  Holy cow!

Wii made it home and Hubby kept at it, finally with no other alternative he turned to Craigslist.   Lo-and-behold…”AHHHHHH” (that’s the Wii Fit with the big yellow circle around it, so bright you can’t look directly at it sound!)   Someone had one, brand new-never opened-in-the-box-with-receipt, for just a little over retail.   Clear across town no less (about 10 miles one way, at $4.10 a gallon in our SUV).   Did wii go get it?

YES!  Of course!   Wii are not stupid!  It was the only one in town that wii could find, after exhasting our options by calling that could POSSIBLY have one.

So, last night, Hubby got her all together, I say HER, because he named the dang thing “Steph’s Toy” while I was out having pie (yes, not a very Wii Fit thing to eat, I know).  He and BabyAm made themselves their Mii’s and got registered.   Hubby’s Wii Fit Age (determined by real age, balance, BMI, height, weight, etc I’m guessing) is 38 (and he’s really 43).   BabyAm’s Wii Fit Age, (mind you she has some serious balance issues) is 26.   Remember, she’s only 16.   Poor thing.  

I had some things to take care of when I got home, so I finished those up while they both worked out, did yoga and took a run (on the Wii) for each about 30 minutes, and then Hubby created me a Mii.   Too funny.   Then after much reluctance, I got on the dang thing and registered.   My weight was where I thought it was, my BMI was very close to what I thought, and I was seriously afraid to find out my Wii Fit Age.   Dun, dun, dun…drum roll please!

…34!!! (Applause!)

I am not 65 like I thought I might be!   Woooo Hooooo!!!!!   Maybe I can do this after all.   Tonight will be a Wii Fit Party for me I think.   I am excited to see just how much sweat I can ooze out, and how many more exercises/games I can unlock.   (You have to do the exercises well enough/etc. to unlock more of the games etc.—you know, challenge!) 

Anyone want to give me some tips?   Some encouragement?  Wii are going to get fit!


  1. I think this will be the Santa present this year. Sssh, don’t tell my kids!

  2. Careful, it’s ADDICTING!!! But fun, let me know when you unlock the plank pushups and the boxing (my FAV!) 🙂 Have fun!

  3. OMG–this is the BEST post! You are TOO funny!! 🙂


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