Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 12, 2008

A Wii-bit Sore!

Something you may not know…I love Boxing!   Well, I love to watch it in person, and I love having gloves on so I’m able to PUNCH someone/something.   I just think it’s so much fun!  

After visiting a sick friend, I came home yesterday afternoon for Hubby and his cute little excited self to ask me if he could box (you know, on the Wii).   Why would I say no?   Anyway, I watched him fight about 5 guys, and win  (and of course I had to add in a few comments from the Peanut Gallery like “Honey, that guy called me fat! – Kick his %$#!”) which seemed to help him KO a few.  LOL

I needed a turn!   I really needed a turn!  I had to Box on the Wii!    OMG what a blast!   I did pretty good considering it was my very first game on the Wii.   I was sweatin, I was screamin, I was movin…movin real close to the TV, too funny – I just wanted to get in there and really hit the guy!   Up-close I mean.   All of that sweatin, screamin and movin paid off – KO!!!!!!!!!  I knocked the guy out!   Too fun!   Then I collapsed!

Just kidding! We really took a break for a few, ate dinner and then BabyAm went to a friends house to watch a movie.   Hubby then invited me to play a couple holes of golf with him.   I suck!   Just thought you should know that.   Wow do I suck.  

Then it was time for me to take my turn on the Wii Fit, and get some exercise (hello…had I not gotten enough with 6 holes of golf, and a 3 round boxing match? – I guess not!).   I started with Yoga, have to say that I’m good with some, but horrible on others, same with the strength training.  Now, Hula Hooping, I’m not too shabby with, and I found that after squatting to do a ski jump and getting yelled at by the Wii, because I accidentally jumped on the balance board, I decided that I needed to stick with some of the easier stuff to begin with.   I did unlock a couple more exercises (yoga and strength training), so I felt good about that.  

Maybe I was feeling a little cocky because then I piped up with…”Honey, can we box each other?” – What the hell was I thinking?    Can you say “stupid”?  I can.   Though I fought with all my might, and once again got so close to the TV trying to punch my Hubby in the face, gut and kidneys (might have to put the ottoman in front of me from here on out)…but eventually the inevitable happened…someone from the crowd whistled at me (because I look so hot in my tight pink boxing attire) and I lost my concentration, which is when Hubby forgot I was his wife and knocked me flat on my face!  After that, I think I should have made him sleep on the couch.

Defeated I decided to leave my footprint (weight/BMI/etc.), and realizing the sweet little Wii was so nice the first night, and told me that my Wii Fit age was “34”…why not do it all again?    However what I found out was that I had not gone all the way through the tests, so I finished them up.  Regretfully, I am now “38” – stupid Wii Fit!   Nah, at least I’m not older than I really am.  I’ll get better, and you can bet that I will be braggin about it too!  (When it happens!)

Additionally, I lost 1.3 pounds, according to my new “toy”.  That was a nice end, to a good little first workout.

But waking up this morning was a tough beginning because…I was a Wii-bit sore!


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