Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 12, 2008

Pantry Purge

I really don’t like being reminded of how much junkfood we keep around.   Not only things like cookies, and chips but do you realize that ONE Ramen noodle is 2 servings, and a total of 380 calories?   Geeze, talk about horrible.  

Remember me saying that Wii were going to get fit, a couple days ago?   Well,  the Mac and Cheese, pasta sauce (the creamy kind), sugary cereals, and a million other things…was all purged today.    We kept very little of it (because Freckles is coming on Monday, and we want him to have SOME fun stuff to eat), but the rest of it we handed off to some VERY skinny neighbors.   Not because they are poor, but because they need fattened up.  LOL

After that pantry purge, I was in such a “cinderella” mood that I started in on the drawers, tossing old pizza topping packets and chopsticks, why do I keep this stuff???   I have serious issues.   Our junk drawer, that I only pull batteries and scissors out of, was stuffed full of at least 30 different cables!   iPod cables, Blackberry cables, phone charger cables (for phones we don’t even own anymore) and even cables for plugging in coffee mugs!

Tomorrow I’ll finish cutting up the veggies, so that they are easily pulled out at meal time.   I’ve been doing that with Cantalope and Watermelon and it seems to be a nice addition to our meals.   No one has complained yet. 

If I get absolutely crazy tomorrow (our normal house cleaning day) I might even get to the tupperware cupboard, which is driving Hubby absolutely MAD.  It’s a disaster, which is an understatement really.   I think that is the “catch all” cupboard, not a tupperware cupboard.   Someone should fix that! 

All I can say is, sitting here blogging this evening has been so good for me.  I don’t think I’ve stopped moving for very long, in days.    Which is good, if I’m busy, I’m not eating junk.   

Wii Fit – Wii Sore – Wii gonna starve!


  1. I am so proud of you! I so want the Wii too, but under the circumstances….I better wait! Maybe I will ask the Dr. hehe The mind game that comes with it is fun too! If I didn’t know…you sound like you are nesting…lol

  2. Those are some great steps in the right direction.

    Keep it up-it WILL pay off!

  3. “Wii Fit – Wii Sore – Wii gonna starve!”

    Absolutely one of the best quotes I’ve read in a long time

  4. Yay, you! I LOVE throwing stuff out!!! 🙂


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