Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 14, 2008

Funny Freckles

Freckles arrived today!   Yea!   And he doesn’t miss a beat around here, that’s for sure.   

Tonight I was trying to tell him that I had not gotten a chance to put the Sham’s on 2 of the pillows upstairs on his bed, but that I’d get it done tomorrow, and also how I’d put some clean towels on the counter as well…

But before I even got the chance to tell him about the cute rolled washcloths, the mini-toothpaste, the dental floss, the tiny little shampoo’s and the AXE body wash that I so nicely left for him in a basket on the counter as well, he giggled, smiled and laughed at me then said…

“Steph, I’ve stayed here before ya know!”

A Steph-mom’s nightmare!   To be laughed at by a 12 year old.  

The best part of it is, for the first time in a very long time, before he walked up the stairs and just after he told his dad he loved him, he also said “Good-night, I love you Steph”…

Awe!  What a sweetie!


  1. Freckles…a new character to me….can’t wait to hear more about his cuteness!

  2. Isn’t it great! My Step-kids say it too….every once in a while. They are so cute when they do. They are almost shy about it. Well I am happy for ya….and they say all Step Moms are mean!

  3. FRECKLES ALERT FROM THE EX-WIFE! Maybe I will get to be a new character, for I am the mother of Freckles. This may be a very strange entry to a lot of you, but he is as sweet and funny as Steph says. Steph, of course he’s going to tell you he loves you, he tells me all the time that he loves you! I am a very grateful ex-wife who is very lucky that my only child has such an awesome stepmom who loves him and takes such good care of him when i’m not there!


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