Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 18, 2008


I do read a big handful of other peoples blogs regularly.    Some of those people are, as I type at something called BlogHer.   I however am not there, but kinda wish I was…sounds pretty fun…maybe next year?  Anyway, in a search to get to know some of the bloggers that they read, they are doing something called GoogleHer.   I decided to play along. 


Thanks Mom to the Screaming Masses and Her Bad Mother  (not actually HER mother, another fellow blogger) for the fun idea.


I Googled my real name and came up with:

  1. I have a fitness website that I built several years ago, that needs updating terribly!
  2. I (along with Hubby) was a neighborhood captain for Neighborhood Watch, and was featured in our local newspaper.
  3. My name (of course I was there) is listed on some Board Meeting Minutes for a Governmental Computer Contract for the State (Years ago!)
  4. I am BabyAm’s mom, in Debate (from the Debate Website that I built!)  LOL
  5. I (along with Hubby) were featured in a magazine article regarding Servant Evangelism a couple years ago

(There are many more, however those are 5 that they said to list.)


I have such a common name, that I’ve found not only an OBGYN, a musician and an Attorney, but also a stripper (who found Jesus) with my name, a wiccan priestess author/teacher, and even a XXX porn star…those last couple are really creepy!


Feel free to play along, and if you wanna share, I’d love to hear what you come up with!


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