Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 19, 2008

Stuck-up much?

Thanks (and big PROPS!) to my Hubby and Freckles, who went on a fresh produce extravaganza search this morning, because they stopped and got me a surprize!  

My very first, and very own CASE of…well, see for yourself!

They obviously weren’t afraid of the “SUV Police” at the Co-op!   LOL  Hubby even said that even though he knew he should ORDER the case, which is what Mrs. Potts was asked to do (when she depleated their stock-LOL), thankfully they had a full stocked shelf and he asked the nice guy if he by chance had a case…and he was happy to look and bring one out!  (I’m so glad I know that Mrs. Potts has her cases already, so I know we didn’t steal hers!!!!)   Hubby also said the lady who checked them out was very sweet and gave him the “member” price!   Wooo Hoooo!!!!  

Since I was not home when they arrived, he took a picture of the case for me and texted it to my phone!   I looked forward to a bottle all afternoon after that.   And then just before dinner, as I was pouring a glass (because he chilled two bottles for me), he said to me, with a very serious look on his face, “Honey, I don’t see what the big deal is, it tastes just like the iced tea that you make”.   I assured him that no, it did not…and that it was made with pure black tea and water…no preservatives, and NEVER a bitter taste that homemade iced tea has.  I think at that point, he just humored me and my new addiction and left it alone.  LOL

You see, before my Surprise CASE today, I was getting pretty jealous of Mrs. Potts, because after I finished the bottle she so nicely gave me last week, and I savored it…I decided I really needed my own bottle(s).   Because I didn’t have the same luxury as she did (a stash in the pantry).

The very sweet and funny “Tea-Snob” sent me an email yesterday afternoon at 3:30 taunting me, and saying this:  (Please don’t kill me for talking about you, and quoting you Mrs. P)

Just want you to know I have held off as long as I can –  I am going through withdrawal.  Time to hit the bottle!  Tea Java bottle I mean.

Is she not just a riot?!  This email really began earlier in the morning when we had discussed starting our own “Anon” Group.  Not “AA”, not “NA” but instead “TA” (Tea Drinkers Anonymous).   We could start off each meeting by introducing ourselves, “Hello, my name is Steph and I’m addicted to Tea.   I got HOOKED by a friend, and she’s been introducing me slowly to each tastey morsel of paraphernalia over time, including biscuits and, to top it off, also got me addicted to the bottle!  I am here because if I don’t get some help, I will end up being a full blown “Tea Snob”.

Yes, I do think a “TA” Group is inevitable, and necessary.  Mrs. P….would you like to come up with the prerequisites to joining?  And we’ll get started?  LOLOLOL

I’m off to enjoy another SWIG of my “JUICE”…and prepare you for some random info/pics.


  1. Hey Steph- you should link to this one for my Carnival that starts on Monday, called Word of Mouth Monday…just reading this made me thirsty!!

  2. Hi Steph,

    Loved the blog! I will start working on the twelve step program. Off to fixs myself a glass of ice cold Tea Java – its been chilling and its time.

    Mrs. Potts –

  3. OMG, that is SO FUNNY! MY current addiction is also iced tea! Only mine’s Honest T “Just Green”. I can’t wait ’til Sissy goes down for a nap every day so I can sit out in the yard with one ALL. BY. MYSELF!! 🙂

  4. where would I find this? My mom is a tea snob and this would be a perfect gift!!!


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