Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 24, 2008

Unconditional Love

More “Deep Thoughts” by Steph Handy 

(Just kidding-had to add a little humor in there!) 
And if you didn’t get it…*sigh*…bummer!


Unconditional Love is:

  • When your husband doesn’t laugh at you when you sneeze snot everywhere.
  • When your kids tell you they love you, even when they are in trouble.
  • When you can tell your kids you love them and forgive them, even when they have done the unspeakable.
  • When you have shared all your secrets with your spouse, and though you feel like you have nothing left that is just “yours” that you don’t feel empty, you feel full.
  • When you have bad news to share with your spouse, and they discuss it with you, instead of yell at you. 
  • When you and your spouse deal with the bad news together, even when neither of you want to.
  • When you believe your marriage is like having a team-mate instead of an opponent.

I didn’t continue, but I surely could, because I would like to hear from you…

What is unconditional love to you?


  1. Recently it is hubby letting me go to BlogHer. Not because he understands but because he knows that I love it and love the community that I have become a part of.

    I’m smiling a lot more lately and that helps HEAPS in our marriage. I’m getting comradarie and he gets a wife that is getting her girlfriend fix and doesn’t need him for that too. Make sense?

  2. My Hubby telling me I look beautiful…..even when I feel like a fat cow!


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