Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 27, 2008


I had absolutely no idea that putting Freckles on a plane back to his “little town” would break my heart like it did.   We’ve done it before, why did this time seem 100 times worse?

We stopped for a bite to eat on the way to the airport, make sure we didn’t send him home hungry…and while we were just sitting there visiting it hit me, like a ton of bricks!   The tears started welling up in my eyes (like they are now) and I was trying to fight them off.   I couldn’t!   I got up quickly from the table and booked it to the ladies room.  

I gained my composure, and went back to the table. 

I kept thinking “Why couldn’t they just bring my food…then I’d have something else to think about”…and all of a sudden, they started again!  What in the world is wrong with me????   Anyway, then Freckles asked what was wrong.    I didn’t want to tell him…but I had too.

We finally made it to the airport, and down to the gate.   The nice attendant called his name, and we had to say our goodbyes.   Waterworks again-I am a wreck!   Once again, I ask you…We’ve done it before, why did this time seem 100 times worse?

I am not the only one struggling, Hubby really is missing his kid, and wishing that we could have kept him longer…he’s already trying to work out how we can possibly get him for Thanksgiving or Christmas.   I know this is wearing on him, but his emotions are not as visible as mine are.   I wish there was something I could do for him. 

BabyAm is so used to being the “only child” most of the time, and while Freckles was here, she had someone else to visit with, laugh with, and help her gang up on us!  I think she really enjoyed having him here.   And I know she’s going to miss him too.  

So…Freckles honey!  We miss you terribly!  Don’t forget to text us!  LOL


  1. 😦

    I unfortunately know the feeling of missing the one you put on the plane and waiting impatiently for the return trip.



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