Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 2, 2008

More Weird Stuff!

So, even though I had issues (as did MANY) with Sitemeter this morning.   I must say it’s so much fun to watch.  

When I finally got everything back up and working , I saw that I have had recent visitors from Berlin Germany, Silver Sands/Western Cape South Africa, and Chile (my new friend who loves Valium too).   Too fun!  If your a returning visitor from somewhere not in the USA, please leave me a comment I’d love to hear from you!

Additionally, someone in Hawaii visited…which might have been Headless Mom.  If it was you, HM, you need to enjoy your vacation, and come back to visit when you get home…I’ll still be here!   I promise!  Enjoy the beach for me, and have a foo-foo drink or two (with an umbrella) for me as well!

For those of you who use some sort of hit counter/etc.  where are some fun locations that you’ve had visitors from?


  1. Hey Steph! Crazy freakin site meter! I’m glad it is up and running again, it is a little addicting isn’t it?

    I was excited to see visitors from Singapore, the UK, Chile, and the Bahamas.

    I can’t wait for my map to have t gabilliontrillion green little dots all over it.

    Ahhh to be accepted. It is a sickness I tell you!

  2. We are quite the computer family around here so checking in is a family sickness, I’m afraid. And yes, your sitemeter will register Honolulu while I’m here, it did on mine.

    I love to check out where everyone is from.

  3. I should have also said that there are 3 mac books in this house. A sickness I tell you.

  4. Hi Stephanie! The only unusual place that mine said was Stuttgard Germany (SP?)
    And the UK. What I can’t seem to understand is some of the counters keep placing me in Bogota, colombia. I’M IN CHILE!!!! for crying out loud, place me correctly please! lol!


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