Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 4, 2008

48 Hours (or less)

Friday night, BabyAm had a friend spend the night…Luchica, and we dropped them off at a Twilight Premier Prom party that a local bookstore was having, so they could be one of the first at Midnight to purchase the newest Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn, Book 4, of The Twilight Series.

Both of the girls have read the other 3  books in the series, and have another one to read, that is not part of the series called The Host (but have not read it yet).  I’m thinking it must come after Breaking Dawn…hum.

So after the party they were so wound up that they were up until just after 5am, on Saturday morning and slept until 3pm.   Losers!  Anyway, neither of them cracked their books until after we took Luchica home shortly after 8:30pm on Saturday night.

This book is a 754 page book…it’s now Monday afternoon at 3pm…BabyAm is on page 752…OMG, this girl loves to read!!!!!!!  

BabyAm also found out that one of her teachers (Summer School Online) is Stephenie’s cousin.  Their dads are brothers!   To much fun!

I’m really starting to look bad here, so I suppose it’s time for me to start my Book Club Book, since we’re coming up on our Next Book Club Meeting soon!   The book is “Sisterchicks go Brit“…should be a cute book!

3:02pm  BabyAm is DONE!!!!!!!!  Holy Cow! 
LESS than 48 hours!!!
(taking into consideration sleeping and school work)


  1. Wow, Nice to Am! My sister will be so mad, she pre orderd it outta Amazon and it still isn’t here! I bought it for her at Fred meyer, idk if she’s done yet but Am beat her for sure.

  2. Headless Girl is reading this now-we bought it yesterday afternoon and she has only reluctantly put it down since then. These must be great books because she doesn’t like to read. I guess she’s had to read so much for school that she’s burned out but she does love these.

  3. Steph, It is time for you to start reading the book-club book. It is any easy read and I think you will enjoy. So fix a cup of tea and start reading!

    Mrs. Potts


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