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Happy Feet – WOM Monday

I would like to introduce you to my new friend…
Because, everyone needs to have Happy Feet!

Saucony Progrid Guide

Saucony Progrid Guide

Click on the picture for more info! 
They are so VERY comfy!

Friday night we walked for 45 minutes, thats when we realized it was time for new shoes.  Thus my introduction, and my excitement to share them here!  This time mine are the ones pictured above, and I love them!

When finding a comfortable, operational, and functional running shoe (these are the best for walking too), my best advice is to find a running (type) store that specializes in athletic shoes.  One that has a electronic foot pad that you stand on (to check your balance) and that you then walk across, to find out where you place the most pressure (toes, sides, heals etc.) when you walk.  

What happens here, at our favorite store is we go in, we get our feet analized, and then they pick the right shoes for you.   They bring out 4 or 5 pairs that are specific for what your above balance and pressure points are, and then they put them on you.  One of them on one foot, another kind on your other foot…and you choose which are more comfortable, and weed out the ones you don’t like until you have completely HAPPY FEET.   So, if you’re like me and like to choose color/style, then you’re outta luck with this option.   Sorry ’bout that.

You also should be able to return them (if you are not happy with them for any reason) within a reasonable amount of time, with the box and receipt…even if they are worn.  

A good pair of very worn (used) but taken care of running shoes should last about 6 months.  They get broken down from wear, but the cost and the comfort are both well worth all the extra attention to find a good place to buy them, with knowledgable sales people.  Six months doesn’t sound like very long to keep a good expenisve pair of shoes BUT…realize the amount of time you are on your feet  They deserve some extra special treatment, don’t you think?  They are what keep you stable and balanced, get you to your destination, and work probably the hardest of any area on your body.  

Running again is definitely still in my future. 
I can promise you that!

Because I have HAPPY FEET!!!!!

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  1. Steph- you rock for participating and supporting me 😉 What is the name of the store that has this great machine? I need new shoes for my Fall workout kick and it would rock to have ones that actually fit and support me! I’m over here with high ass arches and I really need some support if I’m going to walk 3 miles a day!


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