Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 9, 2008

Wii bit addicted?

Yeah.   Hubby.  Not me.    Resident Evil 4 was due back at the video store Friday night.   He wanted to rent it again, so he could get further…um yeah.  Just what we need, huh?  

I must be co-dependent.  (hey, at least I admit it!)  Because I went to the rental store, intending on re-renting it for him…but came home with a USED copy that he could keep.  Who is gets the best wife in the world award?  Yup!  Me!  Brownie Points that can be saved for a later date!

Addionally, My family came over last night as well, and had BBQ Meetball Skewers (courtesy of Headless Mom, with a little revision from Mrs. Potts at Confessions of a Tea Snob), and then we all played on the Wii for awhile.  After creating Mii’s of course!

Hubby and I showed them boxing, then the parents boxed each other.  Hysterical  Mom went a little nuts when she won by KO! 

And reluctantly My Uncle and Auntie Gena also boxed a couple times…she “KO-ed” him TWICE!  We also played Baseball, and Golfed.  

When they left, I surfed my favorite blogs for a while and responded to a couple emails (before falling asleep), BabyAm finished her other Stephenie Meyer book…The Host, while Hubby continued to finish his mission of keeping the presidents daughter safe…UNTIL 3 AM, when I woke up in the chair!   OMG People! 

Next thing you know he’ll want me to play too, and make it a competition to see who can finish first.   I don’t think so.

He is addicted (lol).   I am…wrapped.


  1. Hahha-this is what we did will read about that Monday.


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