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Backyard Buddy

Mid June, we noticed that we had what could have been either a protector flying over our house, or a predator.  We really thought since we live in Peregrine Falcon territory that it was indeed a falcon.   So after we finally got a couple pictures of our fine feathered friend, we sent them to a local Raptor Specialist to identify.   Here’s a couple pictures.  Talk about cool!   He stopped to take a look at the field, and give us a closer look.

and here he is in flight….wow!

and here he is in comparison to the other birds in the area.

We got an email back a couple days later, but we were incorrect, it is not a Peregrine Falcon at all.  Here’s what she said: 

Hi…….thanks for the photos!Those are Swainson’s Hawks. During the nesting/chick raising season, they will prey on small mammals and some birds, but 75% of the year, they subsist on insects! So you may see them often running around in agricultural fields, chasing down beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, etc. 
They migrate from North America to Argentina, Paraguay and Uraguay in the fall because the supply of insects dies out in N.A. Some of them make a nearly 12,000 mile round trip migration yearly!

Raptor Specialist

The Peregrine Fund

Interesting information and it’s just so cool to watch now.  And since we’ve seen him, up close we’ve been able to notice them all around the area we live in.   There’s tons of them.   They are just beautiful.  Do any of you have fun stuff near you?  Tell me about it!


  1. We have lots of red-tail hawks in our area. We’ve also seen lots of coyotes, owls, bunnies, but the red-tails are definitely my favorite -to watch them soar is great.

    I love to watch the elk roaming through the community in Colorado but the members of the golf club where my parents live don’t always agree!

  2. I love identifying birds in my area and we are always on the lookout for new one we haven’t seen before. Good spot for you and great photos.


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