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The Capture, The Cook and The Cuties

Here’s some pictures of when Freckles was here, I just managed to pull them off the camera.   Figured I’d show you some of the family fun…

First – The Capture
I’m really not sure how this happened.   Hubby and I went out back, and when we came in, BabyAm was completely covered in pillows, and Freckles was adding more.   Then he captured her by jumping on top of the pile.   How she survived with no air…I have no idea.  

These two are no strangers to couch pillows though. 
This is them in 2003.
Looks like someone had a recent visit from the tooth fairy!


Second – The Cook
Freckles wanted to help make dinner, and Gyros (YUMMY!) was what we planned.   What a guy!  I was so thankful for his help, because I was able to do a few other things, while he browned the meat!  

He did a great job, and if you look closely you’ll notice BabyAm was too busy sitting on the floor doing homework to help.  (No, we don’t let her ever sit on any chairs, it’s more fun to see her suffer! – Just kidding, she’s usually at the table, but as you can see…it was getting set for dinner.)

Third – The Cuties
I just happened to look over after dinner and saw this…so I had to snap a picture of it.   How sweet are they?   I wonder what they were looking up…maybe 1-800-flowers for the lady of the house?   No, I don’t think so either.

And now for a close up!

Don’t you just want to pinch their cheeks?   Yea, me too!

And just so you know…about the flowers
well, they never arrived, maybe they put in the wrong address.
Yea!  That’s it!


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