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HP Sucks! (Guest Blog)

Hubby has a real bone to pick, so I thought I’d let him share it here.   Customer Service sure ain’t what it used to be!    

Dear HP,


I just wanted to write you this thank you note for helping me, as an IT consultant, have no reservations whatsoever to recommend to my clients that they NEVER buy one of your notebook computer products.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think you generally make a decent product.  I just happened to get three notebook computers from you that had some issues.  Now I know that computers, especially mass produced ones, will have issues from time to time, even catastrophic failures and that, I can accept to.  BUT… (There’s always a “but”, isn’t there).


I purchased 3 notebooks, DV2000 series, all of which were under warranty when the below happened…

When the FIRST one went down, I sent it in for repair, and 30 days later you sent it back to me, not repaired, so I sent it back to you for another 20 days and you finally gave in and decided to replace it for me.  Thanks!


When the SECOND one went down, I had to send it in too… Thinking I would get lucky this time, I decided to get my hopes up and…once again, you graciously (as you told me) replaced that computer after 62 days of having it in the repair center.  But not before telling me “that’s what you get when you buy a cheap notebook” ($1200.00).


Now…  The THIRD one has been sent in and returned to me 47 days later, put together shabbily and missing some of the memory that it left here with.  You have also made sure to tell me, in your own words, that I am a stupid 5 year old and don’t deserve anything more from you and I should fix it myself and you don’t care!


So…  With all that said;


Thank you HP for making sure that I have no question in my mind as to tell everyone I know that HP sucks, not necessarily your products, but YOUR PEOPLE! (And yes, I have taken this to the corporate level and you guys don’t care either!) 

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  1. Good to know! I am in the market for a new laptop and it almost has the same feeling as buying a new car…uggh!

  2. We are dell people in our house! My husband will only by dell. We had one problem with a lap-top key board and they sent us a replacement so quickly it was amazing.

  3. I’m going through the same horrible tech support right now. It’s been two months since the issue started and my system has been sent to their “repair” center twice. Last time, it came back without half the RAM. I went from a barely usable 1GB machine to a useless 512MB machine (running Vista!!!). Spoke to a case manager about my RAM and a repair. Waited two weeks for RAM. Still no show. See my website for more.

  4. OMG! That’s absolutely horrible! I can’t believe what terrible customer service you received. I hope you are able to resolve some issues with them soon.

  5. the software that came with my HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-one has bugs that mystify everyone at HP. There is a blog on the HP site for this product and clearly many people are having the same issues I have had. Only one comment on the blog is from an HP tech and it gives a fix that works periodically but also causes the PC to keep asking you to reinstall the software… I have been struggling with the wirless scanning feature since I bught the machine in April and have spent hours on two occasions on the phone with their tech support with no success. My wife has a similar machine that we bought at the same time and it only prints if you turn it on before you turn on the PC… god forbid you turn off the printer and then decide to print another document. You have to power down and boot up the PC again to do that.

    The CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, has this quote next to his photograph on the HP web site: “Everything we do must be for the customer. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we’re doing it.”

    I sent him a letter explaining our issues. The next week I got a call from a tech saying they had opened a case and if I wanted to call back they would try to help.

    I really don’t have the luxury of time to spend hours upon hours on the phone with tech support when I know they won’t be able to help me in the end. They just need to do the right thing and fix the bugs in the software so that it works… then send out a new CD to all of us who are suffering… Do I have to spell it out for them. They set up blogs on their site and I doubt they even read them. wrot a bad review in their blog on printers and they won’t post it. The only ones they post are the positive ones (that saves space b/c there are probably very few positive comments).

    My next step is going to be to complain to Staples where I bought the printer. Maybe they will pass it on along the supply chain.

    In the mean time here I suffer along with all of you and everyone else who mistakenly purchased an HP product.

    BTW – my laptop that won’t communicate with the HP all-in-one is an HP laptop running XP professional. They just can’t get it right.

  6. “The CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, has this quote next to his photograph on the HP web site: “Everything we do must be for the customer. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we’re doing it.” ”

    Just goes to show how far out of touch most CEOs are with the realities of their business.

  7. the customer service reallly stinks. that is why I created this site…
    please also share you experience there.

  8. AND HP could care less about its employees. Their incentive program breeds money grubbing – back stabing managers.

  9. We are a small business and purchased a HP Pavilion desktop last September (2007) to host our accounting software. Did not need a lot of extras – just boot up, load our entries and back them up.

    In the past year we have had a number of issues all of which we resolved on our own until a few weeks ago. The hard drive would intermittently not boot – we sometimes could access it via safe mode.

    We spent two weeks rebooting to try and retrieve our essential data from the hard drive. We finally did so on Friday of this week. On saturday (today) it has crashed!

    HP states that we are 17 days out of warranty and offered no additional help or assistance. When told that we have had it with a tech to retrieve our data and it failed before the end of the warranty they rep said “Well I guess you should have called a few weeks ago”.

    When I spoke to another rep and supervisor we were told the same thing but offered the opportunity to order a new hard drive from them …. wow THANKS HP. Looks like desktops are a throw-away item to you along with your customers.

  10. “AND HP could care less about its employees. Their incentive program breeds money grubbing – back stabing managers.”

    That starts right at the top with Mark Hurd the biggest back stabber of all. There is no concern for their employees whatsoever.

  11. I could go on and on about how this job has litteraly made me disgusted with human beings. I work for north american tech support for hp. Let me tell you this, when you call in do not expect support for free if you are out of warranty or if your issue is not within scope( that means dont expect us to configure your third party sofware or to increase the performace of your machine)Read your warranty. Oh and when you ask for a supervisor realize these people are our friends we sit next to each other, they can’t stand you as much as the rest of us can’t, if you are rude you will get bad service and we will NOT care about you or your issue.We stay on the line in the background when you are talking to the supervisor so we know when you are full of it and lying through your teeth. We can’t undue the past mistakes of other agents so don’t bitch at me about it. We are not paid to take verbal abuse and we will hang up on you or transfer you to some dead line where you can sit and think about your childishness.THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT! infact ours almost never are. Don’t tell us that you feel you should be entitled to some service that you are not covered for and did not pay for, we don’t care what you FEEL you should get the fact remains you have a warranty, you will not get anything above or beyond it. Another thing when you go on about how you are some big shot and buy hp all the time and youre never going to buy hp again and you’ll tell everyone you know not to buy hp we could care less. HP has multimillion dollar contracts with numerous compainies and those are the only people that get instant support and get replacements and are covered for next day repair, the average consumer is not.Also we will not teach you how to use your machine so don’t call expecting us to, you wouldnt buy a car from ford then demand that they teach you how to drive it and through a hissy fit when they don’t. Also if you are horrible enough keep in mind that the person you are talking to very likely has all of your pesonal information…think about that. There are plenty of wonderful customers who are pleasent and lovely to speak to and this isn’t addressed to them. This is for the other ones you know who you are and I hope you go buy a Dell and have fun with their tech support.
    For 11 bucks an hour I would rather spit in your burgers!

  12. Wow…. Cranky much?

    Let’s clear up a couple things here…. Just so you can be clear on what you are talking about. In OUR case, our issue had nothing to do with software. I never asked for something out of the scope of the warranty, I never asked for software help, we never even complained about quality. It was all hardware related.

    I am not high and mighty about all the equipment I purchase from Dell or the recommendations I give to my clients to do the same. I also am aware that some folks have problems with Dell support. What I do know is that ANY over the counter sub $1500 laptop system is going to be of pretty much the same quality as so many different brands are made in the same contract Chinese factories. It is the end support that matters.

    I know that you don’t care about previous experiences, your case manager made that clear, but this was the THIRD HP laptop in a year that we had sent in. It was not until after the second delay in returning my laptop and over a month that I escalated the service ticket. It was also not until AFTER the HP rep took attitude with me that I got frustrated.

    I am sure that when any NORMAL person sends a product in that is under warranty for repair and the product comes back in over 45 days missing parts and put back together incorrectly that they would be frustrated as well. I am sure that any normal person would have a hard time understanding why a company the size of HP does not have parts in stock to repair it’s current product lines.

    I am an IT guy and yes, I am well aware that there are people out there in the world who have absolutely no business owning a computer and have expectations that are well above and beyond any scope of work for any warranty repair. (I feel your pain there).

    With that said, posting a comment on a public blog that basiclly says, we hate you, we don’t care about you, you are a liar and we have multi million dollar contracts and we don’t need the retail customers is just out of line. If HP did not need the retail sector of their client base then you would not be able to buy an HP computer in the grocery store. HP would not spend millions of dollars advertising to the general public either.

    You, “Mare” are obviously not a very happy person in your job and there are thousands of jobs at 11 bucks an hour that you can get where you don’t have to deal with the general public. You should not be in customer service if you can’t hack a customer getting out of line once in a while (which, by the way, we did not get out of line). You should not be in customer service if you are disgusted with Human Beings. We are sorry for you that you hate your job so much.

    Your Company has created a sad atmosphere for you and I am sorry for you for that. They have created an atmosphere where you, the Case Manager, are aloud to make assumptions about people and their motivations, where you are able to be “friends” with your supervisors, and where you feel so disenchanted and under paid that you compare your job to one flipping burgers.

    Your last comment tells me that, based on how you deal with your job at HP, if someone sent back their cheese burger that you cooked becasue it had wilted lettuce, you would hold on to it for an hour and then spit in it when they got frustrated.

    It is a sad sad day in North America when people in customer service hate their customers so much.

    I also love the fact that you told me that the person you are talking to has all your personal information. Is that a threat? Are you going to come here and kick my ass, or steal my identity?

    Get a new Job, get a life, if you didn’t know it was the truth, you would not have searched the web for HP Sucks in the first place!


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