Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 21, 2008

Kabob Snob?

I feel like a Kabob Snob!   I am telling you, delish!

Originally Headless Mom posted a 5 Ingredient Dinner, and then Mrs. Potts at Confessions of a Tea Snob made them…she made a few minor changes (ok, so ONLY one–the actual brand name of the meatballs), and told me about how yummy they were.   Of course, since it doesn’t REALLY involve cooking anything (Hubby BBQ’s) then I knew I could probably handle it.    (If you guys know me…you know that I really don’t LOVE to cook.)

We made them for a BBQ with the Family a couple weekends ago, and since Hubby went to pick up Freckles from the Tooley Bushes this afternoon, I figured I’d make an easy dinner.   BabyAm and I got it all ready…here’s what it looks like…


Additionally, some veggies to steam in my NEW Pampered Chef Microwaveable Steamer (oooh I should do this for Monday’s WOM  Carnival over at Kelly’s Place)…what an awesome invention!  

However, when I asked if Freckles liked cauliflower, he said he’d “rather lick armpits”.  Hummm…guess we’ll be eatin his cauliflower.  Oh yes we will!

Do you think this is enough food for FOUR of us.  LOL – I just can’t cook for a few, when I cook, I have to cook for MANY!  I don’t get it!  Oh well…

Now, if the boys would just get home!  I’m starvin!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you like them!

    btw- whose house is in the flikr pics in your sidebar?

  2. They look great! Want to come cook at my house?


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