Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 21, 2008

Oh, the wonderful smell…

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies…there is nothing like that smell enveloping your whole house, after leaving your “Little Baker” at home by herself.   WOW!  

Last night, Hubby and I left about 5:30 to run a couple errands and then pick up dinner.  When we returned home the house smelled wonderful, the house was picked up and the kitchen was spotless.   There were probably 4 dozen fresh cookies on the cooling rack, and a sweet face staring at us.  

What a doll!

We told her how awesome it was that she made cookies, and thenasked why she hadn’t just made a dozen from the freezer (flash frozen from the last batch she made) and then she proceeded to say…

“Because my brother is coming tomorrow and a dozen just won’t be enough!”

Our hearts melted…

*  The “Little Baker” probably gets the gene from her Great Uncle and Great Grandpa, as they were both professional bakers…additionally she makes the BEST cookies, banana bread and brownies EVER!


  1. Can I come over????? I totally love that smell too. Lucky you guys!


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